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New Reviews

Dec 20Military Machines International V 14 N 6
Dec 19Legend Productions - 1/35 Magach 6B Gal Batash Detailing Set
Dec 19Dragon - 1/35 Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf M w/ Schurzen Smart Kit
Dec 17Military Machines International V 14 N 4
Dec 17Military Machines International V 14 N 5
Dec 16HobbyBoss - 1/35 French R35 Light Infantry Tank
Dec 12Military Modelcraft International V 18 N 12
Dec 12Bronco – 1/35 British Airborne 75mm Pack Howitzer & ¼ Ton Truck w/Trailer
Dec 10Dragon - 1/35 Israeli "Anafa" Helicopter w/ Paratroopers
Dec 7Hobby Boss - 1/35 Russian T-30S Light Tank
Dec 6Value Gear - 1/35 Sherman Tank Set #7
Dec 6Dragon - 1/72 IJA Type95 Light Tank Late Production
Dec 6Tamiya - 1/35 French Battle Tank B1 bis
Dec 4Meng 1/35 D640A Workable Tracks for Leopard 1 Family
Dec 4Ding Hao - 1/35 T-34/85 Battle of Berlin 1945
Dec 3Value Gear - 1/35 Sherman Tank Set # 11
Dec 2Meng - 1/35 M2A3 Bradley w/Busk III
Nov 30Dragon - 1/35 Sd.Kfz.7 8t Typ HL m 11 1943 Production Smart Kit
Nov 30Value Gear - 1/35 M100 1/4 Ton Cargo Trailer #2
Nov 26Leopard Workshop - 1/35 Danish Leopard 1A5DK United Nations

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Dec 14Re: Kaput photo editor
Dec 14Kaput photo editor
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Dec 13AMPS Central Virginia volunteers at Virginia War Memorial
Dec 13Image Editor problem
Dec 12Looks like the howitzer is the Vision Models kit
Dec 12Nice review, Jim!
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Nov 27Re: Happy Thanksgiving to all the AMPS Family
Nov 27Happy Thanksgiving to all the AMPS Family
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Nov 26Re: New Boresight is on the way
Nov 26Re: New Boresight is on the way
Nov 25Re: New Boresight is on the way
Nov 23Q: Need info on British WWII AFV Smoke Candles
Nov 23Nice review of MBT-70
Nov 22Re: When do things start and end?
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