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New Reviews

Jun 21Classic Military Vehicle Issue 181 - June, 2016
Jun 19Tetra - 1/35 Russian 125mm 2A46M-1 Barrel
Jun 17AFV Photo Album Volume 2: Armoured Fighting Vehicles on Czechoslovakian Territory 1945
Jun 14Osprey Weapon # 47, German Machine Guns of World War I
Jun 10Tankograd Pub. - MilitarFahrzeug Issue 2/2016
Jun 10Tankograd Pub. - Unimog U4000/U5000
Jun 10Classic Military Vehicle Issue 180 - May, 2016
Jun 8SKP - 1/35 Desert Wheels for Volkswagen Type 87 / 4x4
Jun 7MasterClub - 1/35 Pz. Kpfw. V Panther Early, Ausf D, Ausf F
Jun 7Ammo by Mig - Dry Earth Tracks Weathering Set
Jun 7Trumpeter - 1/35 Obj. 199 Ramka BMPT
Jun 4Squadron Signal Pub. - World War II Jeep , In Action - Revised Edition
Jun 3Military Modelcraft International May 2016, Volume 20 Number 7
Jun 3Osprey - Operation Totalize, 1944
Jun 3Bronco - 1/35 Panzerkampfwagon II (FI) Sd.Kfz.122 w/ U E Trailer
Jun 2Minuteman Models - 1/9 German Lander Waffen SS Version
Jun 2Tankograd - British Military Trucks of the Cold War
Jun 1Dr. Mike's Model-n' Crafter's Glue
Jun 1Ammo - Mig Jimenez Encyclopedia of Armour Modelling Techniques #1 Construction
Jun 1Tiger Werke - 1/35 Medium Roadside Shrine

Current Discussions

Jun 24Re: Nice work on the Convention issue of Boresight!
Jun 24Re: Awards Support for Armorcon 2016
Jun 24Nice work on the Convention issue of Boresight!
Jun 21Re: a huge public thank you too Tim Darrah
Jun 21Re: FineScale Sumter Video
Jun 21Re: Awards Support for Armorcon 2016
Jun 18Awards Support for Armorcon 2016
Jun 16LF: IDF D9R surplus decals OR just #28
Jun 10Modelpalooza 2016 September 16th – 18th Orlando
Jun 9FineScale Sumter Video
Jun 7Capital City AMPS, Edmonton Chapter 6th Annual Regional Show, August 27, 2016
Jun 6Re: Can a link to AMPS Facebook page be added to AMPS web site? DONE!
Jun 6Re: Can a link to AMPS Facebook page be added to AMPS web site? DONE!
Jun 6Re: Can a link to AMPS Facebook page be added to AMPS web site? DONE!
Jun 6Re: Can a link to AMPS Facebook page be added to AMPS web site?
Jun 4Can a link to AMPS Facebook page be added to AMPS web site?
May 26Re: Weathering with Gouache
May 25Re: 2016 International Show photos and seminars
May 15Any decals for USMC CCKW?
May 122016 Annual General Meeting Minutes are on the AMPS Website
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AMPS International Convention 2016
April 7-9, 2016
Sumter County Civic Center
700 West Liberty Street
Sumter, SC 29150
Congratulations to our newest
AMPS Master, Tony Zadro,
for his IDF M2 w/20mm Orlekon.
Best German
Sponsored by Tamiya
Nashorn by Mark Glidden
Best United States
Sponsored by AMPS HAAM
M10 Duck Bill au Grass by Konrad Schreier
Best Russian/Soviet
Sponsored by Tamiya
Austin MK III Armored Car, Don Cossacks Russian Revolution 1919 by Chuck Aleshire
Best Commonwealth
Sponsored by FineScale Modeler/Kalmbach
Foden 1MMLC Drops Afghanistan 2006 by Michael Powers 
Best Small Army
Sponsored by Tamiya
IDF M2 w/20mm Orlekon Gun by Tony Zadro 
Best Figure
Sponsored by Michael Stelzel
Purple Heart Ridge by Kurt Hollar
Best Junior
Sponsored by Chuck Willis and Tamiya
Peugeot P4P by Zack Kennedy 
Best Vignette
Sponsored by Tamiya
Mattie Mirage by Jeff Feller
Best Diorama
Sponsored by FineScale Modeler/Kalmbach
UXB by Jack Fisher 
Andy Smith Best Basic
Sponsored by Mike and Sandi Petty
M26A1 Pershing Heavy Tank of 1st Marine Tank Battalion by Phillip Cavender
 Best Master Entry
Sponsored by Tamiya
Cat's in the Bag! by David Vickers
 Theme Award
Sponsored by FineScale Modeler/Kalmbach
Russian Austin-Kegresse by Tony Zadro
People's Choice
Sponsored by FineScale Modeler/Kalmbach
Mattie Mirage by Jeff Feller
Best Braille Scale
Sponsored by AMPS Central Pennsylvanian
FAMO & 21CM Morser 18 by Joe Koenig
Best Intermediate
Sponsored by AMPS Central South Carolina 
FT-17 French light Tank by Joseph Lomusio
Sponsored by Dave Vickers 
M103A2 Marine Heavy Tank by Benjamin Guenther
Best Wheeled Vehicle
Sponsored by Pierce Browning 
Mattie Mirage by Jeff Feller
Best Club Table Display
AMPS Eastern Carolina Plastic Modelers 
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