AMPS is all about armor modeling and the preservation of armor and mechanized heritage.

AMPS International Convention

AMPS has been hosting annual conventions every year since 1995 and most consider it the ultimate in armor modeling and history. Each convention includes interesting and educational seminars presented by some of the leaders in the armor modelling field, tables and tables of vendors selling kits, accessories and conversions specially oriented to armor modelers and historians, and the renowned AMPS modeling contest. The convention is always held near a site of historical interest to armor modelers.

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AMPS Judging Principles

AMPS created a unique system to both judge the model and honor the modeler for artistic achievement and historical accuracy. It is a peer evaluation and mentoring and not a performance critique by experts. The system groups modelers that have similar skill levels and talents and rates the model in relation to the ability of the modeler rather than against the work of another modeler. The skill levels are Junior, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Master.

Each model is reviewed and evaluated on its own merits and never compared to another one. Established criteria determine the scoring of the model and qualify the modeler for Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. Models are judged by a team of judges that score each model independently. The lowest score among the team is dropped. Constructive feedback is provided that sets a path to becoming a better, more skilled modeler.

Hosting An AMPS Show

AMPS model shows range from local gatherings with a few dozen models, regional events with several hundred entries, and the annual International Convention, where armor modelers from around the world gather.

Anyone can host a show. We have prepared a Standard Operating Procedure document that will lead a show crew through the process of setting up and running an model contest using the AMPS judging system.

We are also on the lookout for new venues to host the annual International Convention. A bid process document can be downloaded, detailing all the information needed to submit a proposal for hosting the convention.

 AMPS Masters

An AMPS Master has been the recipient of the "Judges' Best of Show" at an AMPS International Convention. These modelers consistently demonstrate themselves to be the very best in all aspects of armor model building.

2024Stan Spooner , SU-122 54 Early

2023Greg Hanchuk , Boys N The Hood- Russian Forces in Syria

2022Jeff Feller , Home Alone

2019Scott Bregi , 9K35 Strela-10

2018Low Harvey , Canadian TLAV

2017Michalak Todd , Pz Kpfw IV Aus P H Germany 1945

2016Tony Zadro , IDF M2 w/20mm Orlekon Gun

2015David Vickers , Victory and Contempt

2014Chris Durden , Special Forces LMTV "Warpig"

2013John Kesner , 17cm K. 18 Matterhorn

2012Jim Wechsler , Israeli Nagmachon

2011Cesar (Manny) Rodriguez , Spanish Panzer I

2010Mark Corbett , Smoke 26, M1059 Smoke Carrier

2009Tom Jett , Buck, M4 HST

2008Steve Milstone-Turner , Bergpanther

2007Mark Hazzard , IDF M2 Halftrack

2006Don Barclay , ARV Mk1 - Fort Garry Horse

2005Alexander Deleon , Let's Make a Deal - Diorama

2004Doug Lee , End of an Era - Diorama

2003Jason Jennings , C7P tractor with 155mm howitzer

2002Charlie Pritchett , Iraqi T-72

2001Lynn Kessler , The Frozen Chosin - Diorama

2000Roger Lange , K-5E Railway Gun

1999Mike Siggins , Grizzly Combat Engineer Vehicle

1999Chris Mrosko

1998Bob Clifton , Semovente SP Gun

1997Dave Dean , Opel Radio Van

1996Bob Collignon , Marine DuKW

1995Dave Lockhart

1995Dave Kahn

1995Mike Roof

1995Tony Englehart

1995Ken Davis , RNAS Rolls Royce Armored Car

1994Stephen (Cookie) Sewell

1994Steve Zaloga

1994Mike McFadden

1994Mark Muller

1994Mark Ford

1994Dan Tisonick

1994Paul Gaertner