AMPS is all about armor modeling and the preservation of armor and mechanized heritage.

Dear Friends,

I suspect many of you already had a feeling this notice would come. I can’t tell you how so disappointed our convention committee has been over the past few weeks. It is with the best interest of all involved and with the unanimous support from AMPS leadership and our convention committee that we have decided to Reschedule our AMPS 2021 International Convention.

We considered what is best for the safety of everyone involved, as well as a responsibility to do what is right and best for the membership of the organization.

However, there is good news!

We have worked out an available date for the 2022 convention. We will simply move all aspects of this year’s convention, its theme, special awards including the original 2020 theme to April 7-9, 2022 at the same location: The Marriott at City Center, Newport News, VA. The Marriott has graciously kept all room pricing and arrangements the same for the 2022 convention.

There are many factors involved in this decision the most of which include:

  • Virginia has instituted tight COVID-19 restrictions where we essentially can’t have more than 10 people in a meeting room. While COVID-19 vaccinations are progressing and we are seeing a decrease in cases, we don’t know what restrictions will be placed on us to host a convention in Virginia.
  • The convention team needs at least 60 days to ramp up many of the final details for the convention: gather sponsors, get t-shirts, trophies and finalize convention prep.
  • The convention team considered a number of options for holding the AMPS International Convention during 2021; however, we still don’t have a clear path (regarding COVID-19) for later in the year.

Housekeeping notes for members, participants, and vendors.

  • The hotel will cancel all individual reservations with no cancellation penalty if you booked through the online reservation system. You will need to register for the 2022 convention. We will post a follow-up notice here on the AMPS website and on the AMPS Facebook page as soon as the Marriott has cancelled all AMPS 2021 reservations.
  • Chris Graeter, the AMPS Vendor Coordinator will be reaching out to each vendor with specific guidance concerning refunds or carry over to AMPS 2022.
  • Zach Hudson, the AMPS Sponsorship Coordinator will be reaching out to each sponsor with specific guidance concerning refunds or carry over to AMPS 2022.

What do you need to do for AMPS 2022?

Hotel reservations are open for 2022! You can call the Marriott reservation system at 866-329-1758 and ask for the AMPS International group block. You can also go directly to the Marriott hotel’s online registration:

  • Special group rate: Newport News Marriott at City Center for $132.00 per night.
  • If you arrive in Newport News early, enjoy the special group rate starting from April 3, 2022 through April 10, 2022.
  • Book your room prior to March 3, 2022 to ensure you receive the special rate. Reservations made after March 3rd may not be eligible for the discounted convention rate.

Since many of you will not have an opportunity to shop our vendors this year, we encourage you to consider spending some of your “convention money” with them either in-person or through their on-line shops. The following is a list of the AMPS 2021 vendors:


Armand Bayardi Model Maker

Boomers' Books & Empire Models

Challenger N-Scale Hobbies

Custom Dioramics

David Doyle Books

For The Historian

Frank Rincon

HQ72 Resin Productions

Hobbyworld USA

MCW Finishes

Microworld Games, LLC

S&J Hobbies

Stars for Our Troops

Tiger Werke Resin

Unique Tools

Wanamaker Hobbies

During the COVID-19 lock downs, many of us have completed a number of models worthy of entry in AMPS 2022. This means we anticipate a greater than normal number of entries in the AMPS 2022 competition. Please remember that running all aspects of the AMPS International Convention take an enormous amount of voluntary time so that you can have a fantastic experience. We ask that you consider volunteering some time to support AMPS 2022 by judging, working registration, or the raffle. As we put together the AMPS 2022 website, we’ll provide you with the ability to sign-up as a volunteer to help put on AMPS 2022 as we get closer to the convention date.

The AMPS Central Virginia convention team and AMPS international leadership team started down this road in May 2018. None of us could have anticipated where we are today. We have worked through these conditions as best as possible and expect to see remarkable improvements for everyone this year as we all look forward to gathering together in April 2022. Each member of this year’s team deserves three well-earned “Huzzas” for all this past year’s effort as well as more time this year as we prepare for 2022.

Thank you for your patience and support during this crazy time. Until 2022!

Ashley Abernathy
Convention Chair, AMPS Central Virginia

John Charvat
AMPS, President