AMPS is all about armor modeling and the preservation of armor and mechanized heritage.

As all our members will be aware, we are in the process of transitioning our magazine, Boresight, from a printed publication to a hybrid one for our US members with four digital issues and two printed issues per year. This transition will take effect with the Jan/Feb 2024 issue. International members (everyone outside of the US) will continue to receive 6 digital issues per year.

We plan to publish the two printed issues, after the AMPS International Convention (around July) and at the end of the calendar year (Nov/Dec). The four digital editions will be released in Jan/Feb, March/April, May/June and Sept/Oct.

Members who wish to receive a printed copy of every issue can continue to do so, but at an increased annual membership fee.

The membership response during our recent Boresight polling was superb. Some members added comments to their ballots expressing concern that we didn’t provide details of the increased membership fee to continue receiving printed Boresight editions. The reason for that was because the printing and distribution costs depend on the size of the print run for each edition. The polling was intended to give us an idea of the number of members who wanted a fully printed Boresight.

The completed polling results gave us enough information to estimate the cost for a fully printed Boresight. The annual membership fee for members who wish to receive a printed copy of every Boresight issue will be $55 USD. We are maintaining the current annual membership fee of $30 USD for US members who go with the digital option for four issues, plus the two printed issues (to cover the postage costs). International members will stay at the current digital membership fee of $25 USD, since international members will not receive the two printed issues of Boresight each year.

The Nov/Dec 2023 issue will be the last fully printed edition of Boresight for all members. As of January 1, 2024, all AMPS memberships will be switched to digital Boresight (with two printed issues per year).

We strongly recommend that all members login to the AMPS website and ensure that the email address in your membership record is correct. As each digital Boresight edition is released, each active member will receive an email notification when each digital issue is published, with a link to the issue on the AMPS website If you wish to receive six printed issues per year, you need to go to the AMPS website after January 1, 2024, and switch your membership to “Regular Membership + All Printed Boresights” as your membership type. You will need to pay the increased membership fee of $55 as a part of the change in membership type. Any time remaining on your existing membership will be added to your renewed membership period. There are also discounted rates for 2-year or 3-year membership renewals.

We understand that the change in format may create some angst among some of our members. As mentioned during the Annual General Membership meeting this past May at Camp Hill, this change is essential to keep AMPS financially sound and alive in the coming years. We ask for your continued support as we implement this transition, and as we work to resolve any bumps we encounter along the way.