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AMPS 2023 International Convention
Thursday, May 4, 2023 to Saturday, May 6, 2023
Penn Harris Hotel, Camp Hill, PA

Rooms are Available in the Overflow Hotel

All rooms at the Penn Harris Hotel are booked. However, we have secured a block at rooms at the Comfort Suites Camp Hill-Harrisburg West,, which is located behind the Penn Harris hotel. 

We've arranged for a special rate of $129 plus taxes per night for rooms booked between Wednesday, May 3 and Sunday, May 7. The booking must be made by April 12 in order to qualify for the special rate.

To get this special rate, click on the link below:

or call the hotel at

717-857-8800, press “0”, and mention group name "Armor Modeling & Preservation Society AMPS". 

The hotel is located at 100 Bar South Drive, Camp Hill, PA, 17001

Pre-Registration is Now Open

Pre-registering allows you to bypass the registration table, and gives you early access to the vendors on Thursday night.

Remember, you don't have to enter your models as soon as the show starts. There is a long line up to enter models on Thursday evening and Friday morning. Considering leaving your models in your hotel room while you shop, and bring them to the Ram Rod table later in the day on Friday, or even Saturday morning. Don't worry, all models will be judged.

Pre-registering includes admission to the show. To pre-register, click this button:

Click here to pre-register

If you're not entering the competion, but want to purchase your show admission in advance, you can do that by clicking this button:

Click here to purchase show admission

This Year's Show Theme - The Pacific

The AMPS 2023 theme "The Pacific" is open to any model, figure, vignette or diorama that fought in a Pacific campaign from 1940 to 2022.

For the purposes of this theme, we will define "The Pacific" as any theater of conflict from Burma in the west, to Hawaii and the US west coast in the east, and from Australia and New Zealand in the south to the Aleutian Islands in the north.' Examples of conflicts are the entire Pacific Theater, Burma or China in WW2, Korean War, Vietnam, the Cold War in Korea, or other documented conflicts in that region (i.e., the UN peacekeeping action in East Timor (1999 to 2005) and the brief civil wars in Fiji (1994, 2000 and 2006)) from 1940 to 2022.

If there is any question about an entry, the head judge will confer with assistant Judges and make a determination of eligibility. 

Time Left to Finish Your Models:


Sign Up for a seat at the How to Do seminars

We are now accepting reservations for the How to Do seminars for the 2023 AMPS International Convention in May.   

To reserve a seat in one (or more) of these HTD Seminars, you need to either be pre-registered for the contest, or have pre-purchased admission to the show. To pre-register or purchase admission, scroll up a bit to the pre-registration announcement and click one of the buttons.

To reserve a spot, make sure you are logged into the AMPS website and then click here.   Next to each of the HTD seminars, there is a Sign Up button.  Click on the button to reserve a seat.   

Once reserved, you will receive an email informing you about your reservation.    The first 25 to sign up will reserve a seat.  Reservations for seat number 26 and beyond will have standby seats if space becomes available.  


AMPS Elections for 2023.   

This year’s elections include the positions of:

  • President,
  • 2nd Vice President  East,
  • 2nd Vice President  Central,
  • 2nd Vice President  Midwest,
  • 2nd Vice President  West and
  • 2nd Vice President  International

Each position serves a 2 year term beginning on April 1st, 2023.   

Nominations:  Our elections begin with nominations of active AMPS members for these positions.  Active AMPS members can nominate potential officers via the AMPS 2023 Nomination Discussion Group on the AMPS webpage  Simply post a message to this site with the name of the AMPS member and the position they are being nominated for.  Self-nominations are encouraged.  All nominations will require a seconding by another AMPS member.    The nomination period opens on January 16th, 2023 through February 28th, 2023.  The nominated AMPS members will be listed on the AMPS elections board on the AMPS website.   

The AMPS elections will run from March 1st through the 15th, with the results announced shortly afterwards.     

Per the AMPS Constitution and Bylaws, all nominees/potential officers will be paid members in good standing with the Society and must remain so during their tenure in office.  More information on eligibility of members to become Society officers can be found in the AMPs Constitution and Bylaws (

 If there are any questions to concerning the election or the nomination process, please feel free to contact Brian Eberle via the “Contact the AMPS Executive Board” (  on the AMPS Homepage.     


Seminar Listing for the 2023 Convention

The AMPS membership has spoken.  For the AMPS 2023 International Convention, we have a total of seven seminars lined up.  These include four “How to Do” seminars

  1. Soldering Photo Etch (PE) delivered by Rob Riviezzo
  2. Weathering Track delivered by Dan Feldman
  3. Desert Groundwork delivered Frank Blanton
  4. Creating stone / brick / cobblestone with foam board delivered by Jeff Feller  

In addition, we have one informational seminar from Bob Burik on “A Modelers Guide to US Tactical Marking Systems (Iraq, 2003)”.  This topic coincides with the 20th anniversary of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.   

We also have two roundtable seminars:  

The first is the Business of Models.  We have assembled a 7 member panel covering the business of models community.  This includes members representing Kit ManufacturersAftermarket Model ProductsPaint and Weathering ProductsModeling BooksModel Retailer;  and Advisor to Model Manufacturers.   The panelists will share their perspectives on our hobby and respond to pre-collected questions.   

The second is the Master’s Roundtable.  This roundtable includes 5 AMPS Master level modelers who will discuss their perspectives on our hobby and respond to pre-collected questions.   

If you have a question that you want answered in either the Business of Models or Master’s roundtables, let us know and we’ll add it to the list.  Send your questions to   

Attendance in each of the four How to Do (HTD) seminars is limited to 25 attendees, plus a few standby’s (due to the hands on nature of the seminar).  We will open online sign-up for these seminars later in January.  To sign up for one of these HTD seminars, you must be pre-registered for the convention.   

We are working on the full seminar schedule and hope to announce it later in January.    


AMPS Judging Training is Online

The Armor Modeling and Preservation Society (AMPS) is a fantastic and unique organization for armor modelers. It is based on the idea to make every armor modeler better at their skills and reward well-executed modeling work. AMPS provides recognition and constructive comments for every model judged at a show.  Each model is judged against a set of AMPS criteria, and no other modelers. To do that, all AMPS members are encouraged to become involved in the judging system in some capacity. Our judging system is peer based, so we need many trained judges to ensure consistency and fairness at our many shows. 

Training seminars are held at all International Conventions, and at a many local and regional shows. We have now put the training presentations online so that you can train yourself. Any AMPS member can access this training, and it is encouraged!  Whether you are just starting to build armor models, or you have been building armor for a while, reviewing these lessons are bound to help you be a better modeler and increase your understanding of the AMPS judging system. 

Click here to view the online training sessions.

Training will be provided at this year's International Convention in Newport News, so if you would like instructor led training instead of self-training, be sure to sight up for one of the judging training sessions at the show.

And don't forget. AMPS shows need lots of judges. Please consider signing up for one or more judging sessions (if you participart in at least two sessions, you will get a free AMPS show t-shirt!).  You can sign up for judging and other tasks by clicking here.



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Volume 31, Issue 1,

  • Winterjagd by Vince Barrale : Detailing a what-if E-75 "Tiger III"
  • AMPS 2023 International Convention Update by Peter Espada : Convention Update
  • Merkava: The Beginning by Tom Gannon : Development and early version of IDF's Merkava MBT
  • M16B The Wasp by John Kirkpatrick : Converting DML's M2 halftrack to an M16B Gun Motor Carriage
  • Know Your Officer by Chuck Willis : Find out more about your AMPS elected and appointed officers
  • Local Chapter News & Upcoming Shows by Editor : What's going on in the AMPS community
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