AMPS is all about armor modeling and the preservation of armor and mechanized heritage.

AMPS Online Officer Voting

Welcome to the AMPS Officer Online Voting System. Active members can register their vote for all positions up for election. You must be an active AMPS member and you must be logged into the website to vote.

AMPS elections are held every year. The President and five of the Second Vice-Presidents are elected in odd years. The First Vice President, Secretary, and the remaining Second Vice-Presidents are elected during even years.

The election period is open from Friday, March 1, 2024 to Friday, March 15, 2024

Officer Positions and Nominees Up For Election This Year

First Vice-President: Neil Stokes

2nd Vice-President, South US Region: LaDorr (Ed) Ingersoll

2nd Vice-President, Canada Region: Paul Roberts

Secretary: Brian Eberle

2nd Vice-President, North-Western US Region: Erik Brubaker

Officer Positions Not Up For Election This Year

President: Mike Petty

2nd Vice-President, Eastern US Region: Jeff Nelson

2nd Vice-President, Midwest US Region: Chuck Aleshire

2nd Vice-President, Central US Region: Robert Bethea

2nd Vice-President, Western US Region: Paul R. Miles

2nd Vice-President, International Region: Chris Lloyd-Staples