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Copper State Models - Belgian Armored Car Officer

Kit Number:
Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Copper State Models (CSM)
Retail Price:
15.73 Euro
Reviewed By:
Chuck Aleshire

Copper State Models

Belgian Armored Car Officer


Another in the line of interesting releases from Copper State Models is this resin kit of a Great War Belgian Armored Car Officer. CSM continues to bring fans of World War I subjects new items associated with their Lanchester Armored Car, but please note that many of these items can used in various other World War I applications.

The subject of this review is a Belgian Armored Car Officer, intended for use with a Lanchester in Belgian service.

What’s in the Package?


The kit comes neatly packaged in a labeled zip-lock bag. No damage to any parts was noted.


Above - this kit consists of six, gray resin parts


Above - the main casting of the torso and right leg. The detail on this casting is extremely well done. Great attention to detail can be seen everywhere on this casting, and the other castings as well. Look at the buckle holes in the belt, and the shoe laces! Additionally, the uniform has wonderful draping, creases and folds. All look very realistic and natural.


Above - the head is very well done, my photo does it little justice. Note the moustache upturned at the corners in the fashion of the day, and the very well done hair. This is terrific work by CSM.

 Assembly of this figure is quite simple. Cleanup of the parts is super fast due to the quality of the castings. What mold seams there are, are tiny and easy to remove. Almost all of the casting nubs are very quickly removed, except for the peg on the main large casting, where the left leg attaches to the torso.( this can be seen in the photo of the main casting up above )  The only reason this peg is tough to remove is because the tunic bottom is in the way. I cut the peg down as low as I could, and then took it down the rest of way using a Dremel tool with a burr bit. Once the peg was removed, the left leg fit into its spot perfectly.


Above - note the perfect fit of arms to torso. 


Above - because the head is so well done, the cloth covered Adrian helmet can be used, or placed on the side. A nice option!



 Parts quality of this kit is absolutely first rate. There are literally no flaws, no casting issues to deal with of any sort. The fit of the parts is flawless, making assembly super easy.

I genuinely like the casual, relaxed pose of this figure, and the many details such as the continental, old-school upturned corners of the moustache, and the cigarette so casually held between the fingers of the officer’s right hand. All of the many details on this figure are rendered extremely well, being well defined and wonderfully realistic. 

I continue to be very highly impressed with Copper State Models work, and hope they continue their expansion into armor / armored car subjects!

Highly Recommended!

Thanks to Copper State Models for the review sample

Reviewed by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland


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