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152mm ShkH Dana vz.77

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Hobby Boss
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$98.99 USD
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David Manter




The Dana was developed in the late 1970s by ZTS for the Czechoslovak army, instead of them purchasing the Soviet 2S3 Akatsiya. It is based on the Tatra 8155 (8X8) truck, and was accepted for service in 1981. By 1994, over 750 units had been produced. The driver and commander are seated in the front cabin. The turret consist of 2 halves, with the gun mounted between. Turret traverse is limited to 225 degrees to either side, due to cables. The gun has a fully automatic loading system. All of the optics are located in the left half of the turret. The gunner and loader are on the left, the ammo handler is on the right side, which also has a DhSK machine gun on the turret roof. There are 60 projectiles in the turret and chassis. The Dana is currently in service with the Czech Republic, Libya, Poland, Russia and Slovakia.


The Kit

The kit contains 545 plastic parts, 142 photo etch parts and 8 vinyl tires. The parts are molded in a tan plastic and have some wonderful details. The plastic is very easy to work with and responded great with Tamiya Extra Thin cement. For a new kit there was a pretty fair amount of flash to clean up. None of it was difficult. One thing to watch on this kit is the sprue attachment points. Some of them are quite large when compared to the size of the parts! Take your time with clean up and be careful removing the parts from the trees.



















The photo etch parts have great detail and all of the fold lines are marked. The kit contains several folding tools to help form the more complex photo etch parts.




Also included in the kit is a wonderful set of decals with enough to do 4 different vehicles and a full color painting guide.





Step 1 has you start with the lower cab. It is broken down into 7 sub steps. All of the parts fit fine here and no problems were encountered. Take your time with the many grab handles as the attachment points are large.



Steps 2 and 3 have you working on the upper cab. Again no problems here. You do have the choice of opening or closing the front shields.



Step 4 has you start on the main chassis. Be careful here and make sure everything is set up square or you may have a floating wheel.


Step 5 have you building and installing a very nicely detailed engine.



Steps 6 thru 12 have you building the suspension and drive train. There is a lot of parts used here, but again the fit is very nice. In step 10 you do need to reverse sub steps c-c and d-d. They will not fit as shown in the instructions.



Steps 11 and 12 have you adding the side pods to the chassis. These can be left adjustable.



Steps 13 thru 21 have you adding all of the detail parts to the chassis. Everything fits good here. Just take your time as there are many sub steps in these steps. The photo etch parts and the supplied folding tools work great! Well done HobbyBoss!








Steps 22 thru 25 have you assembling the main gun. Watch part J1 in step 22. It needs to be installed in the rear most holes.




Steps 26 thru 29 have you assemble the turret pods. Again, no problems here.




Step 30 is the assembly of the DhSK machine gun. These parts are pretty delicate, so be careful and make sure everything is straight.



Steps 31 thru 34 have you finishing up the final details. This thing is big and heavy! When you lift it, it feels like a resin kit!








A large kit with a lot of parts! Fit is good and detail is great. Lots of options on opening doors and hatches will allow the super detailers to go crazy with this one. The most time consuming aspect of this kit is just the clean up of parts. Large attachment points and seam lines on every part will take time, but you will end up with a very mean looking vehicle for your collection! Now to paint this beast!


Highly recommended!


My s incere thanks to Squadron for the review sample!


Model built by Dave Manter