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Defender XD "Wolf" W.M.I.K.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011
Hobby Boss
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48.00 USD
Reviewed By:
Graham Ross

 Defender XD 'Wolf' W.M.I.K.


1/35 kit By Hobby Boss



The Wolf is a UK militarized version of the Land Rover Defender. Designated in service as Truck Utility Light or Truck Utility Medium (TUL/TUM), the TUL was based on the shorter wheel base Defender 90, whilst the TUM was based on the Defender 110.


 A variant of TUM is the W.M.I.K´╝łWeapons Mount Installation Kit) for use as reconnaissance and close fire support vehicles. WMIK fitted with roll cages and weapon mounts. Typically the vehicle will carry one 12.7 mm Heavy Machine Gun, 7.62 mm GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun) or on occasion the MILAN ATGM, on the rear ring-mount, with an additional pintle mounted GPMG on the front passenger side. In late 2006, the MoD announced it was purchasing 40 new belt-fed Automatic Lightweight Grenade Launchers (ALGL) made by Heckler and Koch (HK GMG) that can fire up to 360 grenades per minute with a range of up to 1.5 km.; they are mounted on WMIKs in Afghanistan.



Sprue A



Sprue B



Sprue C & D



Sprue E



Sprue N



Tires x 5



Clear Plastic and Photo Etch









Painting Recommendations





This parts on the sprues of this kit are very crisp and almost free of flash. Ejector pin marks are not bad, a little filling and sanding will fix them. Instructions and paint recommendations are clear and without any corrections to be made. The more fragile parts were protected with small foam strips. Care must be taken when removing these small and fragile parts as they could be easily broken. Detail on the kit parts is excellent and when painted should amplify how well they are done.



The Build




The engine is the first section to be built. These parts went together nicely and without any fit problems.






The same engine parts painted.






The chassis construction was completed without any fit problems.




The Defender body had no fit problems but did have some minor ejector pin marks to fill.







Engine and chassis went together without any fit problems.



Test fitting of the wheels was good. No wheel wobble occurred with this kit. Rubber wheels were primed and then painted with a flat black. This is the first kit where I have found that priming and painting of the wheels went so smoothly. After painting, the wheels were moved and squished to see if this would loosen the paint, none broke off or became brittle.






Seats and roll bars were added to the upper chassis. Nice fit with no complaints.



 Upper chassis was added to the lower chassis, nice and easy fit without problems.





Roll bar between driver and side gunner was put in place. The rifles were also added. Care must be taken when adding those rifles as the end of the barrels are very easily broken off. The front fenders were also added at this point.





At last the rear bin was added which houses the 50 cal ammo containers.



Wheels have now been added and the vehicle is level.











 The last 5 pictures show the completed Defender with 50 cal and GPMG added. The vehicle was painted in desert colors and had all needed decals added. 


I greatly enjoyed doing this kit as it presented 3 aspects of modeling that are firsts for me. The first is the fact that this is my first Hobby Boss kit. The second aspect is that it is the first modern kit that I have done. The last is that being that I normally build German armor but this provided a excellent change of pace.


Pros: excellent detail, nice and easy fit. Instructions easy to follow as are the painting recommendations. Nice rubber tires as they take primer and paint without any cracking or leaving the paint falling off in chips.


Cons: Rifles have nice detail but muzzle ends are fragile and can easily brake. 


I believe that anyone who buys this kit will throughly enjoy the challenge of doing this great Hobby Boss kit.



Highly recommended



Thanks goes to Squadron for the review sample and to AMPS for the privilege to expand my model building experience.


Reviewed by Graham Ross