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Tiger Werke - T-34/76 Wedgie Scenery 3

Kit Number:
Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Tiger Werke
Retail Price:
30.00 USD
Reviewed By:
William Herd

                                Tiger Werke

                     T-34/76 Wedgie Scenery 3

This is the 3rd in a series of T-34 wedgie scenery items produced by Tiger Werke.

This wedgie represents a T-34/76 Model 1940. Though shown on the boxart,

there is NO tank crewman figure provided with the kit.

CONTENTS: 9 resin pieces(in grey & cream), and a turned aluminum barrel are

provided. No instructions come with the kit. The parts are poly-bagged and further

protected by 2 layers of bubble wrap.

The box is somewhat thin, so its prudent that the parts are packaged w/ bubble wrap.

Lower hull wedgie cast in grey resin. A shallow recess is made at the driver's hatch.

The remainder of kit parts cast in grey and cream resin. Another shallow recess is

provided at the turret hatch.

Provided with the kit is a nice turned aluminum barrel.

CASTING QUALITY: Overall the casting quality is good, though some surface air-

bubble holes were found(more on this later). Also, some parts are paper thin, so

care should be taken during construction.

The applique armor and weld bead detail is nicely done on the turret.

CASTING PROBLEMS: As stated above, there are several parts that have casting

problems. Thin parts aside, the surface air bubble holes were significant enough to

require correction. All of these will be corrected during construction.

One bubble went from the bottom of the turret clear through to the turret side.

The 2nd bubble hole ocurred at the corner of the vision block. Also, the seam on the

corner of the hatch is quite apparent.

CONSTRUCTION: A Dremel tool was needed during construction to grind down the

resin plug on the turret to get it to seat properly. Also, the mantle armor jacket had

to drilled out inorder to affix the turned aluminum barrel. Also, on the mantle plate,

holes were drilled out for the machine gun recess, mg sight, and main gun sight.

Lastly, the ventilator cap required 4 elevating posts(made of styrene) to get the

proper height.

The turret plug ground down and the seating hole drilled out for the barrel. Also

shown is the turret bubble hole covered with putty.

The bubble hole on the vision block is corrected. The hole was puttied over and

smoothed out with liquid cement.

Constuction complete. Nice, quick, little build. On to the paint shop.

PAINTING: After the model was given a bath to remove the resin residue, a primer

coat of black was applied to the wedgie. The basecoat was airbrushed on with Vallejo

Model Air colors.

Dark green was applied over the black primercoat, then a lighter green was shot to

provide highlight.

WEATHERING AND FINAL PAINTING: A black oil wash was applied, then a multi-

color dot filter evened everything out. A light drybrush accentuates the uppermost

edges. A light rust streaking and edge chipping finished off the work.

CONCLUSION: This was a Fun, quick build. The final item looks quite nice. As a

stand alone model, this seems a little bland. It could stand a little extra details. Like

a tank crew, or some Patriotic slogan across the turret IMHO.

PROS: Easy build. Nice applique armor on turret. Weld bead detail nicely done. Good

                           bases for a Vignette. Nice turned aluminum barrel.

CONS: As per a T-34/76 Model 1940, this kit is missing a few small details.

                           1. 3 lift eyelets for the turret roof.

                            2. Hull machine gun barrel on glacis.

                             3. 2 prominent headlights on glacis.

Highly Recommended

Thanks to Tiger Werke for the review sample.

Review done by William Herd, Central Maryland AMPS