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Hobby Boss - Hungarian Light Tank 38M Toldi II(B40)

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Saturday, January 19, 2013
Hobby Boss
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$43.00 USD
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William Schmidt

Hobby Boss - Hungarian Light Tank 38M Toldi II(B40)

 The 38M Toldi was produced under license, between 1930-1942, by Swedish Landsverk. Only about 202 were produced. The Toldi entered Hungarian service in 1940. They saw their first action against Yugoslavia in 1941 for the Hungarians. 
  They were use against the Russian Army from 1941-1944 as reconnaissance vehicles. They had good communications equipment but had only light armor and armament. This made them no match for Russian T-34s. 

What's in the Box

 The kit comes in a very sturdy cardboard box. All the plastic sprues were in sealed plastic bags. There were 17 sprues total, molded In light tan plastic. The instructions are the usual exploded view type with 14 steps. There were 11 sprues of individual link tracts. These looked very delicate. A small decal sheet for one vehicle is also included. The upper, lower hulls, and the turret are single slide mold units. The detail is good. There was also a color paint and decal guide provided for one vehicle.   


Black and White Instruction booklet

The Exploded View Instructions

Paint and Decal Guide 

One Sprue A 

Sprue B X2 

One Sprue D

Individual Track Link Sprues  X11

Decals and Photo Etch Fret

  The Build 


There were 12 actual assembly steps to the Toldi.

Step 1

  The road wheels, idlers, and drive sprockets were first up. These were easily done and needed just a little cleanup.

Steps 2 and 3

  In this step the suspension blocks, front glacis plate, and rear tow hooks were added. The idler pulleys and torsion arms were added next. The front tow hooks were also added.   

Carefully note the two pictures above! Notice in the lower picture that the front reduction gear cover had to be notched to get the suspension arm on! Indications of problems to come!

Steps 4 and 5

These two steps would have the modeler add the road wheels, rear idler wheels, and the drive sprockets to the model. Step 5 would have the modeler complete the track runs and add these to the model. 125 links were said to be required per run. I always paint the wheels separately and do the tracks last painting these off the model. At this point I wanted to see how the tracks would go together. They were delicate to say the least. They also did not fit together well after removal and trimming. This was one of the most frustrating parts of the build. I had to assemble them in pairs, then units of 4, then I made sets of 10. They wanted to twist and warp. I had to put weights on them till they were dry. GRRRRRR!


Note in the picture above how the ends of the tracks want to bow out! These were soaked with Tamiya's extra thin glue and finally pushed into place.


Sets of 10, note the size of these things!

Steps 6, 7, and 8

  The rear panel and exhaust system were assembled here. No problems to report. Just the usual seam lines to remove.

  The rear panel was added to the lower hull. The fit was excellent. The side and rear engine vents were also added next.

Step 9

  In this step the fenders are fitted. These went on very nicely with no gaps. The PE fender straps were also added here. They were a little thick, but this did not create any issues.

Steps 10 and 11

  In these two steps all the upper hull details were added. The fit of the parts was good. There was not really that much to do here. The photo above shows the completed upper hull. The upper Hull was glued to the lower hull at this point. The fit here was very good. No gaps.

Steps 12

  The upper turret and lower turret ring and gun mount were next to be assembled. The rear stowage box and small turret parts went on next. No problems here. The gun barrel is one piece but needed to have the holes drilled out in the muzzle brake to add some detail. 


The photo on the left shows the kit barrel not drilled. The photo on the right shows the drilled barrel. Much better!

The upper gun mantle needed to be filled. This was a bad place for the sprue attachment point. It could have been done underneath where it would not have shown as much. 

Problems, Problems, Problems All Day Long!!

 The photo above shows the finish painted model. When I went to fit the road wheels and drive sprocket this is when the problems started! The front right drive sprocket interfered with the first road wheel. I thought I had goofed on the assembly. I had not! The attachment blocks could have gone on the way the instructions said they did. The attachment points for the torsion arms were too far forward! This had to be a factory mistake?!  I had no other choice but to cut the torsion arms off and reposition them towards the rear to create the  clearance space needed. The light tan spots show the original positions of the arms.

  Notice how in the instructions part A27's arm attachment point is so far forward and above that part A28 the attachment point is to the rear.

Painting and Finishing 

  The vehicle was base coated with Tamiya XF-57 Buff mixed with Tamiya XF-59 Desert Yellow, and Tamiya XF-55 Deck Tan. The camouflage was done with Vallejo 022 Camo Green and 041 Tank Brown. The tracks were painted with Tamiya XF-52 Dark Earth with some Tamiya XF-10 Brown added. The teeth were highlighted with AK Interactive 086 Dark Steel. The road wheel tires were painted with Tamiya XF-63 German Grey with Tamiya XF-1 Flat Black added. The under side was painted with the Tamiya XF-52 Dark Earth with some Tamiya XF-10 Brown added. I added some mud spots using AK interactive AK 023 Dark Mud and 080 Kurst Earth. The whole vehicle got a wash of Sepia Extra.  


 The fit of the upper and lower hull parts was very good. 

  The assembly of the upper detail  parts of the tank was quite easy. 


  The right side suspension needed major surgery. 
  The engineering of the right side suspension blocks was off.
  The tracks were tedious at best. They just did not fit together well at all. 

Final thoughts

  This model would have been  a nice weekend build if it were not for the suspension and track issues. I found that this took all the joy out of this build. The subject is unique and interesting.

Recommended -  with reservations. This build would be very frustrating for a beginning modeler.


Thank you to MMD Squadron for the review sample.

Review by Bill Schmidt
Northeast Military Modelers Association AMPS