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MiniArt - Workable Track Link Set For T-70M

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013
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$27.00 USD
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Tom Kondziolka

Workable Track Link Set For T-70M

Mini Art has just released a new set of T-70M tracks designed to be used with their line of T-70M, T-80M and SU-76M self-propelled guns. These tracks were previously released with their special edition T-70M, T-80M and SU-76M tanks and self-propelled guns.

According to most sources the original T-70 tank used the same tracks as the T-60, however during the modernization of the T-70 (that’s what the M means in T-70M) tracks that were wider were developed to help with traction in the harsh Russian environment.

The single sprue is very simple 12 tracks and 16 sprues which is a total of 192 track links.  

Top track is the original T-70M tracks bottom is the new T-70M workable tracks.

Left track new T-70M workable track, Right track the Original T-70M track.

According to the instructions you will need 184 links for an SU-76M and 168 tracks a T-70M or T-80M tank.

Let’s build some tracks

It’s a simple procedure, with three connection points to each track link. Using a sharp chisel blade for the X-Acto knife I removed 96 pieces (six sprues) so I could build one run of tracks for a T-70 I was building. The clean-up is easy, but I suggest that when you remove the sprue from the track side with the holes that you cut away from the opening. If you cut in the direction of the opening you might damage the side with the hole. 

After all of the tracks are cleaned up I started snapping the tracks together. On some of the links it appears that either the pin is too short, or the hole is too close to the end of the track. Several times while building a run the tracks would break and would need to be repaired. After finally getting one run of 84 track links together, I attempted to mount the tracks.

Not a caterpillar... these are tracks.

My first attempt to build a track run did not go well.

45 minutes later…..

I finally gave up as the amount of swearing did not justify the results.

PROS - Are these tracks a good representation of Soviet T-70M, T-80m and SU-76M track links? Yes they are.

CONS - Are these good workable track links?  absolutely notThe connection points on these tracks are just too weak to make these workable tracks.

These are a good representation of T-70M style track links but are not truly workable by any means. That does not mean that these are not useable however. If you want to glue these tracks together, they will provide very accurate tracks with great sag. 

Recommended ( just not as workable tracks)

Thanks to Model Rectifier Corporation ( MRC ) for the review sample

Reviewed by:Tom Kondziolka, AMPS Chicagoland