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Legend Productions - RG-31 Detailing Set

Kit Number:
Friday, April 25, 2014
Legend Productions
Retail Price:
23 USD
Reviewed By:
James Wechsler

Legend Productions has released a detailing set for the Kinetic RG-31 kit. I did a full build review of that kit last year, seen here;

I am very excited to see that many of the items that were noted in that review have been addressed in this set.

What's in the Box?

The detailing set is a combination of resin and photoetch parts along with some fine copper wire and a rather thick clear strip to be used to cut the gun shield windows.

Here’s a look at the parts:

I saw no casting issues with the resin and the photoetch is equivalent to the best in the aftermarket business. My only comment is that the clear strip is very thick and therefore very difficult to cut into the correct shape for the gun shield windows. Since Legends uses this gun shield on a number of their update sets, it would be a useful enhancement to have these windows precut or cast in clear resin to make them easier to use.


Most of the parts are improvements to the interior. The most visible items are the replacement seats that include nice cushion detail and very nice seat belts cast in place. These are basically direct replacements for the Kinetics parts and have an immediate impact on the look of the interior.

In addition, Legend provides a dash mounted LCD screen along with a communications set that is mounted behind the driver’s seat. The detail is excellent and the included wire is used to make the cable lines to the handsets.

Rounding out the interior parts is a replacement shifter console and some smaller communications connector boxes.

Lastly, there is a replacement pedestal that is located directly below the weapon station. There is a small modification to the support struts included in the Kinetics kit and the small plastic bar that is needed isn’t included. But it’s also hidden underneath the pedestal so almost any piece of plastic will work.


There are not too many parts for the exterior but they are really useful ones. The most important parts are the replacement M2 .50 cal machine gun. The kit part has a large sink mark and no ammo can or rack so it’s all but useless. The Legend parts are very nicely detailed and fix this glaring problem with the kit. Also included is a replacement gun shield made from photoetch for proper thickness. This is a very nice part that I’ve used on other kits. The only issue as I’ve already noted is that it’s pretty tough to cut the complex shape out of the thick clear plastic. But I’ve used a thin sheet of clear plastic instead with little issues.

The final parts are a couple of nicely detailed antenna mounts.


This is a very useful update set for the RG-31 that addresses most of the issues noted with the kit. It’s not too complex and the high quality of the resin and photoetch make it pretty straight forward to use. I would consider it a top choice to get if you’re building an RG-31 kit.

Highly Recommended

My sincere thanks to Legends USA for the review sample

Reviewed by Jim Wechsler, SoCal AMPS