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Legend Productions - M151A1 Detailing set for Tamiya / Academy

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Legend Productions
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$15 USD
Reviewed By:
Chris Lloyd-Staples

M151A1 Detailing set for Tamiya / Academy


Legend Productions

This set is specifically aimed at the Tamiya or the Academy kit:


I don't have either kit to hand, but in honesty, I wish I had.  This detailing kit, by itself, wants me to make this model!  I've seen a good number of resin sets, over too many years to mention, and I'm going to boldly say that this is one of the best I've seen. The parts are cast in grey resin, and are, frankly, AWESOME.

Instructions are very clear, and explain the parts to be replaced or added. 

The set includes resin parts:

And etched brass:

Plus a number of lengths of wire for the details. 

Some of the largest parts are the seats:

The texture on the padded seats is very realistic, with excellent creases and they will look outstanding with a coat of paint and shading.  However, it is the seat backs which are in another league altogether.   The sculptor deserves a medal.

The straps are very well defined, and really convey the appearance of being stretched over a metal frame. 

The other parts include the snorkel and extended exhaust pipe, the mounting gantries for the rear corners, and the antenna mount. Each item is cast in exquisite detail, and it is difficult to capture this in photographs.  The radio, for example:

This radio has fine detail all round, with countersunk screws and a complete mounting frame.  The vibration-absorbing legs are supplied separately, as is the telephone handset. 

The two jerrycans have the correct strap fittings, and the detail and definition are perfect, to my mind.  

What makes this set very special is the way that certain parts are supplied in duplicate to allow for breakages.  For example, extra handles for the fuel cans will allow for any that get broken during release from the moulds.  And an extra etched mesh screen allows the modeler to survive a screw-up! Large numbers of spare bolts are provided in case any of these pesky items launch into the jaws of the carpet monster.  This consideration is an extra positive feature for this set.

Overall,  I'd score this set ten out of ten.  Everything about it is really good, from the thoughtful siting of the moulding plugs to the clarity of the instructions.

Very Highly Recommended

Thanks to Legend Productions for the opportunity to review this item

Reviewed by Chris Lloyd-Staples, 2VP (International)