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Legend - 1/35 Weighted 4x4 MRAP Wheel Set

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Legend Productions
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Paul Roberts

Weighted 4x4 MRAP Wheel Set


Scale: 1/35

Manufacturer: Legend

Price: $13.95

This new accessory set from Legend is a set of Michelin tires and wheels for the Maxpro MRAP 4x4 kit from Kinetic. This is a simple upgrade and seems to come from their own Maxpro resin kit.

The parts are individually supplied with two front and two rear wheel/tire combos. Legend were nice enough to scribe an F and B on the pour plugs to indicate Front and Back. The parts in my set were exceptionally nicely cast. I could find not even a pinhole in the tread pattern, or near the pour plugs, where bubbles normally accumulate in wheel sets. The detail is very crisp and the tread pattern really sharply mastered and cast. I heavily suspect the master was prepared in CAD and then pattered on a 3D printer.

The tread pattern is right on for Michelin tires I looked at on the net and the hubs match photos, but may be somewhat less common based on my admittedly cursory internet image search. The weighted "bulge" was subtle and matched the photos. My only (small) criticism is that the rest of the tire tread is, perhaps too squared off. It appears that the tire takes on a somewhat more bulged appearance circumferentially as it bulges at the bottom, but it's a subtle call and if you want to recreate what I see in the photos, it's only the matter of a little sanding to create the camber. It's purely a matter of personal taste.

Highly Recommended

My sincere thanks to Legends USAfor the review sample

Reviewed by Paul Roberts, AMPS FF Worthington, Toronto ON