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Meng - 1/35 U.S. Cougar 6x6 MRAP Vehicle - MMSS005

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015
Meng Models
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William Schmidt

Meng 1/35 U.S. Cougar 6x6 MRAP Vehicle - MMSS005

Some History From Meng Models'

  Meng  Models' latest addition to their MRAP line is the 1/35 U.S. Cougar 6x6 MRAP Vehicle.  Below is Meng Models' history of Cougar from the instruction manual:



What's in the Box

The very large sturdy box contains 15 tan sprues individually wrapped. There are 6 clear and tinted window sprues. The tan upper hull is molded in one very nice piece. There are also 8 vinyl tires that are crisply molded. Two frets of black nylon seat belts are also included. There is a set of 6 poly caps, a fret of photo etch, and a decal sheet for 2 USMC vehicles. The instruction booklet has 32 exploded view steps as well as color callouts for decals and painting of the two vehicles. After perusing the instructions the modeler must make his choice of vehicle type as early as Step A in the instructions, as there are holes to be drilled in the lower hull. All sprues are nicely molded and show no flash, just the usual mold parting lines.

Box Side Art for the HEV Version

USMC Cougar 6x6 MRAP Vehicle

The Exploded View Instructional Drawings


Paint and Decal Callouts for the Two Vehicles


Sprue A


Sprue B 


Sprue C

Sprue D X 2

Sprue E 


Sprue F

Sprue G X 2 


Sprue H


Sprue J

Sprue K



Sprues L & M X 2 


 Sprue N

    Sprue P

    Nylon Seat Belt Sprue  Q X 2

Sprue X


Sprue Y


Sprue Z


Poly Caps & Gun Body


Upper Hull

Side View Upper Hull

   8 Vinyl Tires

Decals For Two USMC Vehicles (But there are also Navy and US Army Decals. Shades of things to come?) 

Photo Etch Fret 

  I can not wait to gig into this great looking kit. The only problem is deciding which version to build! I would love to build them both. This is another great, well engineered vehicle from Meng Models. Stay tuned to see which version I will build for the "Full Build review". Coming soon to an AMPS web site near you.

 Highly Recommended (pending the full build)

Many thanks to Squadronfor this review kit.

Review by Bill Schmidt
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