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M706 Commando Armored Car

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Friday, June 5, 2009
Hobby Boss
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Ron Damratowski

  Hobby Boss

M706 Command Armored Car in Vietnam


The much anticipated M706/V-100 Armored Car was released by Hobby Boss to the delight of Modern  and Vietnam  Armor modelers. The kit consist of 6 sprues , an upper and lower body shell ,4 rubber tires, a small length of chain, 1 small photo-etch fret,  1 clear sprue plus decals for two seperate vehicles. For this build I used the Squadron/Trakz replacement tires, Warriors crew figures and Superscale Decals, all of which are available from Squadron .Com


Ok let's get started.....


In steps 1 and 2 you're assembling the interior components, but before proceeding I had to fill some prominent ejector pin marks located on the floor board. If you leave the hatches closed you won't see them but because I was adding a crew I used Squadron White putty to fill them. I also sanded off the raised manufacturer name on the left side. The pedal assembly. parts D12,D18 and D19 were a litlle tricky to assemble but a little gentle persuading with a small screwdriver helped seat everything just fine. The rest of the interior parts give you a basic interior which is not exactly correct but wil do until the aftermarket companies come up with a replacement. I also added a blanking plate behind the winch opening, if you don't do this you'll be able to see into the interior through the opening.




Step 3 has you adding the top of the body shell to the finished lower . This involves some slight bending outward of the body to get it to fit just right. This is no big thing, just be careful. Before I added the upper hull I drilled out the hole in the top of the body for part E6. I then took some stretched sprue and filled the 4 holes which are not used on this variant. I also added the drivers torso to the interior. The only part that didn't fit exactly right was the rear of the hull. The rear angle was just a tad off. Before I proceded on to the next step I took a sanding stick and sanded the edges flush with the rear of the body. 




Steps 4,5,and 6 all deal with the lower chassis.Some of the locating holes will need to be made larger as the fit was quite tight, especially the spring mounts. The wheel backing plates are a little too large so make sure you sand them down a bit and test fit them on the rear wheel half. The tie rod for the front wheels was too long so i cut it at the tie rod end and removed approximately 1 mm and  then reglued it together.




  In step 7 I substituted the Trakz resin tires for the kit tires, these are more detailed and fit perfectly in the kit wheels.




The remaining steps 8,9,10,11 and 12 have you finishing off the top of the hull. I sprayed the interior of the vision blocks with Tamiya clear green before installing them. The drivers hatch has a large ejector pin mark which would be hard to clean up so I added a 8mm x 9mm ,.010 piece of plastic inside to clear up that problem. I sprayed the back of the headlights Testors Chrome Silver ( the headlights are molded in clear plastic ) before gluing them in place. I didn't add the chain that was provided because I just couldn't get the plastic tow hook attached to the chain correctly. 





Painting and weathering...

I left the headlight guards, drivers hatch and wheel parts seperate for ease of painting, then i proceeded to mask all of the vision blocks with Tamiya tape, sealed up the openings and was ready to paint. I used Tamiya JGSDF OD (XF-74 )over a dark green base coat. After drying 1 or 2 days I sprayed Floquil dirt into the wheel wells and around the bottom of the chassis. I then dry brushed lightly over the whole vehicle with a lighter Floquil green ,added some Mig pigments and  finished glueing everything together.
  The decals I added were from Superscale and went on just fine over a gloss coat. I have a review on them in the first look section.  All in all this was a very easy kit to build. I really enjoyed building it, so much as this is the 3rd one I've built already.


Thanks to Squadron for the review sample.


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