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Tankograd- Armoured vehicles of the Modern German Army 2019

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Saturday, March 9, 2019
Tankograd Publishing
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Rob Teubert




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          One of the latest from TANKOGRAD is Gepanzerte Fahrezeuge Der Bundeswehr ( Armoured Vehicles of the Modern German Army 2019) And, like the title says, it is a general overview of vehicles in the Modern German Army in 2019


Author: Ralph Swilling.

Format: Soft cover,  size 8.25" x 11.75" 136 pages.

Photos: The book is loaded with high quality glossy photos and almost all are taken by the author. 

Language: This book is in both German and English text.

DSC_1092 (3).jpg

On page two is the table of contents. It lists 24 different vehicles, but with all the different variants a total of 99 types of vehicles are covered in the book. For example, Transportpanzer Fuchs is listed once in the table of contents. But, a total 15 variants of Fuchs are covered in the book. 

DSC_1093 (3).jpg

Below the table of contents is a guideline on how to interpret the information on the pages. Upper center in large yellow print is the specific vehicle family. The red flag on the side of the page is the classification. on the bottom in the light blue field is the technical data information. This is in German but there is translation information on the left side of the guideline page.



DSC_1095 (2).jpg

The book is in both German and English with German text on the left column and English on the right.



DSC_1097 (3).jpg

The book is loaded with outstanding photos, like these two photos of  the Leopard 2 with some old school branch camouflage.


DSC_1101 (3).jpg



DSC_1104 (2).jpg


 DSC_1109 (2).jpg

 Although this book covers a lot of information, it only scratches the surface. On the back cover is pictures of some of Tankograds 5000 series Bundeswehr that they cover in this book. I have not seen any of these books in this series (Hope to get my hands on a couple soon) But they go much deeper in detail with a lot more photos


This book does exactly what it was intended to do. Give you a general overview of the vehicles of the modern Bundeswehr. If you're interested in the Bundeswehr, this is the place to start. Although there are a ton of outstanding photos, there is only one or two photos of each vehicle. No "walk around" type photos that the modelers like. And, there is no interior photos. Even with that being said I would still highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more in this series.

 Highly Recommended for the any armor enthusiast or a fan of the modern Bundeswehr 

Thanks goes out to Tankograd  for this review kit.

Reviewed by Rob Teubert


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