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Kagero- Panzer III Ausf. J/L/M/K Top Drawings 93

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Saturday, May 30, 2020
Kagero Publishing
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Michael Reeves

Kagero- Panzer III Ausf. J/L/M/K Top Drawings 93


Book Specifics

Author: Stefan DramiƄski

Top Drawings 93

ISBN: 978-83-66148-85-7

24 pages including drawing sheets and ten color profiles, text is in English and Polish.

NOTE: This review is based on a PDF copy of the book due to COVD-19 restrictions, but a booklet binding version is available for ordering.

After a brief 3/4 page breakdown of the production history and design changes for all the variants, as usual the book gets right to what is in the title-- drawings. And the drawings in various scales are great. You get drawings in 1/72, 1/48, and 1/16 scale. There was a separate PDF "insert" for the 1/35 scale drawings which I can only assume will be a pull-out insert in the printed booklet. The drawings are crisp and differentiate between Early and Late model versions and in many cases, there are notes listing design changes from one variant to the next. My only complaint (and again, this may only be an issue with the PDF version) is that the drawings for each scale are separated out of order...I would rather see all of the drawings for each scale in order but maybe that is just me...and it is a small complaint.





The ten color profiles are well done as well and depict Panzer IIIs in various liveries, some with and some without the side schurzen. There are profiles for 2 different Ausf. J and a K from Stalingrad, two L's and a K and M from Kursk, an L from Tunisia, a winter whitewash J from Vielikiye Luki, and a J/L from operation "Zitadelle".




Another great volume in the TopDrawings series from Kagero-- and timely too as a great resource for the new Takom kit offering. The ten profiles give some great inspiration for a modeler seeking to recreate something different from the normal offerings and the drawings are a boon if you are all about the details. Another worthy addition to the bookshelf!

Highly Recommended for modelers of all skill levels and those interest in this important Axis medium tank from WWII.

Thanks goes out to Kagero Publishing and Casemate Pubilshing for this review kit.

Reviewed by Michael Reeves, AMPS Albany


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