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Panzerwrecks- Forgotten Archives 3- The Lost Signal Corps Photos

ISBN Number: 9781908032218 Publisher: Panzerwrecks
Published: Monday, August 31, 2020 Retail Price: £34.99
Reviewed By: Michael Reeves

Panzerwrecks- Forgotten Archives 3- The Lost Signal Corps Photos


Book Specifics

Author: Darren Neely

Artwork: Felipe Rodna

Price: £34.99

ISBN 9781908032218

Hardcover, 240 pages with nearly 250 photographs and 8 specially commissioned color artworks, 31 QR codes that bring you to current Google Maps or Streetview scenes

What's Inside

 Building on the former two volumes of seldom seen and unpublished US Army Signal Corps photographs, this third installment expands on the author's search for new imagery in unknown archives. The author has been able to garner more relationships with Signal Corps veterans' families to continue to create more books in the series and having a look at this one, we are quite fortunate to reap the benefits. Not only the photographers themselves, but also the men involved in processing, developing, and selecting these photos. Scouring collections at universities, small colleges, and government archives has yielded this collection. The book is broken down into the following sections:

  • Italy- Signal Corps Coverage in the Mediterranean Theater
  • Sgt. Joseph DeMarco, 165th Signal Corps Photographic Company
  • Field Modifications and Tests, Cameramen Visit Ordnance Units
  • 11th Armored Division, From Ardennes to Germany with the Thunderbolt Division
  • 7th Army Part 1- Operation Nordwind
  • T/4 Warren Rothenberger, 166th Signal Photographic Company
  • V Corps- From Col. Stanhope Mason, Chief of Staff, V Corps
  • 7th Army Part 2- Riviera to the Rhine
  • XX Corps- General Walton Walker Albums
  • Cameramen in Action 

I have not seen the prior two volumes in the series, but reading through volume 3, I plan on seeking them out. As always, the photos are top-notch and completely new to me. Each chapter that focuses on a specific Corps photographer features a small biography which is quite interesting. In many cases, the photos throughout the book are credited to the cameraman, unit, and the original caption is included. In some instances, these captions are inaccurate as to misspelled European towns or misidentified units. Where corrections by the author were made, the original caption is presented in black and the additional notes by the author including fixes are in gray italics. Photos feature German and Allied vehicles, including many of Sherman tanks, StuGs, Tigers, Jeeps, armored cars, halftracks, and the like. No greater praise could I give than the fact that I really had a difficult time narrowing down my photo choices, but rather than go on and on-- here is a sample of them...



The photo...


and the artwork- one of 8 examples in the book.


Great reference for that Takom kit in your stash...


I would love to see a diorama of this one!









Any Panzerwrecks volume is a worthy addition to one's bookshelf. I have certainly gained some inspiration for that Rye Field Models Sherman sitting in my stash and look forward to seeing how the book inspires others. The QR code function is a neat feature that gives some insight to how little things can change over the course of 75 years. If you are a modeler or just interested in WWII, this is a welcome book to slowly sift through all the great images inside. The author has done an excellent job researching and correcting errors and his hard work shows throughout the book. I only hope he continues to find more images so subsequent volumes can be written.

Highly Recommended for anyone interested in WWII-era photography and inspiration for dioramas and vignettes.

Thanks goes out to Panzerwrecks for this review sample.

Reviewed by Michael Reeves, AMPS Albany


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