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AMMO by Mig- T-54/55/62 Headlights & Guard

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Sunday, March 28, 2021
Ammo by Mig Jimenez S.L.
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Michael Reeves

AMMO by Mig- T-54/55/62 Headlights & Guard

We have recently received some samples of AMMO´s new line of resin 3D printed accessories- another example of AMMO´s continuing trend to create a wide array of products to make life easier for the modeler. The line of 3D printed parts carry across various WWII and post-war subjects and many of them can be used on kits of varied manufacturers. In the case of this particular product, the headlights and guards can be used on any T-54, -55, or -62 kit in the 1/35 scale. For the case of this review, I am using Takom´s T-55 AMV kit (#2042).

The sample comes in a protective bubble package with a title card and the piece is contained inside a plastic bag. The assembly is a cloudy clear material- as are most of these products. Some can have a more whitish tint to them. There is the smallest frame surrounding the piece and is easily nipped off. As you can see, it is all a one-piece assembly, as opposted to the 4 part assembly of the Takom parts. Particularly tricky with the Takom kit is the two-piece guard assembly- I did not go to great depths to fix the gaps seen here as I will definitely be using the AMMO parts. 

One can defininitely see there is a bit of size difference between the kit parts and the 3D parts. My knowledge of the headlights on these tanks is limited, so I am unsure which is more accurate. The guards do seem to match up pretty well however and the detail in the lights of the 3D parts seem to have a bit more clarity. 

One final test I did was obviously how well the parts paint up. I used AMMO's One Shot gray Primer and the results are pretty nice. I handled the parts a bit after the paint had cured and didn't notice any issues with the paint saying put. I imagine after another coat of Russian Green or whatever I decide when I get to building the T-55 kit completely that things should hold up even better. There is a video on You Tube of Mig demonstrating the various sets. He mentions the parts aren't overly delicate and can be handled without too much issue. He mentions using CA glue to attach them, but I tested using my go-to Gator's Grip glue. As always, there is a strong bond that will resist even the accidental bump.


AMMO has entered the 3D printing game with its usual flair and this sample is a great piece that avoids a tricky multi-part assembly from the kit parts. The clarity as I mentioned before is outstanding and makes a nice option for adding some aftermarket products to your kit at low cost. There is quite a line of products for mostly WWII armor upgrades and accessories, but there are a couple of sets for modern armor kits as well. Hopefully, the options will continue to grow so modelers can have more tools in their arsenal to make their builds more interesting.

Highly Recommended for builders at any level hoping to add some detail to their builds.

Thanks goes out to AMMO by Mig Jimenez for this review sample.

Reviewed by Michael Reeves


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