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ICM- Model T RNAS Armoured Car with British Tank Crew

Catalog Number: 35670 Manufacturer: ICM
Published: Wednesday, April 7, 2021 Retail Price: $29.70
Scale: 1:35 Reviewed By: Ben Brandes

ICM Model T RNAS Armored Car with WWI British Tank Crew

In the past 10 years several model kit producers have entered the market of 1/35 WWI vehicles and crews, although toward the end of those 10 years, it seems fewer kits have been available from previous major players like Takom and Meng. ICM certainly has a nice range of WWI subjects with different figure, weapon, and even vehicle kits. This newest kit from ICM brings a subject which is new to me, an armored Model T in British Royal Navy Air Service use along with an included figure set of 4 British Tank crew and a machine gun to give the venerable Model T some punch. 

ICM's box cover notes the history of the vehicle: "One of the most numerous and famous cars in the world's history was the Model T produced by the Ford Motor Company. They were widely used in fronts of WWI. In 1915 a special design for naval armored cars was developed on a model T Ford chassis by Chief Petty Officer L. Gutteridge. A total of 9 armored Model T's were built by W.G. Allen & Sons of Tipton, of which six are known to have reached the unit in Russia, where they served British crews as light Recc Sections."

So what greets us when removing the box's outer sleeve with box art and opening the inner white cardboard box? It's really 3 kits combined into one to represent this unique historical subject. A total of 135 parts complete this build. Several parts are left unused from other Model T variants. The largest of these three is the Model T Armored Car, also joined by a Vickers liquid cooled machine gun and 4 figures.

Sprue A consists of the bulk of the vehicle including the vehicle armored body and frame as well as armored wheel covers and other details. The plastic is light grey and there is no flash to be found on any of the parts.

Sprue B contains several parts previously used in other ICM Model T variants such as the wheels, front and rear axles, and many other frame details and componets.

One small clear part sprue contains unused windshield parts and the headlight lenses (the only parts of this sprue to be used in the kit.

A small decal sheet for one vehicle marking option is included. the decals are thin and in register.

The vehicle instructions are competed in 51 steps total. The instructions are easy to follow, although I will most likely deviate from them to ease painting and assembly. 


The four figure crew set includes one officer with map bag and cane, one kneeling figure with stick in hand, a standing figure in steel helmet, and another mustached figure with his hands folded in front of his torso.

The figure instructions are in color, include a sprue map, and a paint color guide for both Revell and Tamiya paints. I'm glad to see the inclusion of Tamiya colors as they tend to be my go to for the majority of my airbrushing.

The Vickers MG includes two versions of the machine gun along with two tripods, with one taller than the other. Unfortunately only one ammo belt, ammunition box, water can, and pintle mount are included. 

I am thoroughly impressed with this sweet little kit. The parts have no flash, are nicely detailed, the plastic appears to be an adequately soft styrene, and the decals are great. The inclusion of the crew is an excellent touch. I look forward to buiding this as it's my inaugural build of an ICM kit. One strange thing that seems to be missing from the kit is a drivers seat, however I don´t think much of such a seat could be seen through the small slits in the vehicle's cab armor. Stay tuned as this should be a great build and provide a nice subject for a small vignette if the builder so chooses to do so. 

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to ICM for this review kit.

Reviewed by Ben Brandes


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