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Takom Wiesel A1 TOW

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Thursday, April 8, 2021
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Ron Hoague

Takom Wiesel A1 TOW

When Takom introduced this kit in Fall of 2020, I was immediately excited.  Something about a cool vehicle in a larger scale that will show off the detail was intriguing to me.  The German Army began developing the Wiesel as a light, air droppable vehicle that would allow airborne troops to fight enemy armor.  Things never really worked out as four vehicles were destroyed during drop testing.  Nevertheless, the Bundeswehr placed an order in 1985 with vehicles being delivered by the end of the decade.  Two versions of the A1 were developed, one with the TOW antitank missle and the other a fire support vehicle equipped with a 20mm autocannon.  

Takom's 1:16 scale kit contains 15 sprues, decals, a small sheet of photo etch, and a clear sprue for the vision blocks.  It has the option of workable tracks and suspension and even comes with a figure.  

The instructions are typical for Takom, clearly illustrated and well thought out.    

First up is the upper and lower hull.  The lower is a bathtub style with nice details and the upper includes sharp detail with anti slip texture, although the modeler will want to enhance this to match the large scale.

The rest of the sprues are also sharply molded and I could not find any flash or ejector pin marks that will be visible.  

Finally, here's the photoetch and decals

The figure, while not Alpine Miniatures' quality, is a fine example for injection molded and should look just fine when built up and painted with a skilled hand.

The kit includes color plates for five vehicles, four in the traditional NATO three color camouflage, and one in an ISAF green/tan scheme.  I suspect many modelers will choose to build this unique scheme.

For a large scale armor kit, this should be a faily easy build with just 19 steps.  The parts count is relatively low and, other than the tracks, should go together fairly quickly.  I am looking forward to building it!  Nice job Takom... once again.  

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders, pending full build.

Thanks goes out to Takom for this review kit.

Reviewed by Ron Hoague


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