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Takom M60A3 with M9 Bulldozer

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Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Joseph McDaniel

Takom M60A3 with M9 Bulldozer


The M60A3 tank was introduced in 1980, and phased out by 2005, although the foreign sales model remains in use by a number of nations. The M60A3 featured a redesigned wedge-shaped turret with improved ballistic protection, weighed 58 tons and was served by a crew of four - commander, gunner, loader, and driver. The A3 features a laser rangefinder, solid state ballistic computer, crosswind sensor and the power of the turret motor was improved from 5hp to 10hp. Later produced A3s feature a muzzle reference system, a halon fire extinguishing system, and an engine exhaust smoke system. Steel wheels were used again since they were more cost efficient. It is powered by a 643hp Continental AVDS-1790-2C, 12-cylinder diesel engine with a General Motors CD-850-6A transmission. The range and speed stayed approximately the same as the original M60, 300 miles (482km) up to 30mph (48km/h). It is armed with a 105mm M68 main gun, commander's cupola-mounted .50cal M85, and a co-axial 7.62mm M73, M219, or M240.

Much more detailed information the M60A3 can be found here and here

What's in the box?

The kit comes packaged in a sturdy, good-size box. There are twelve sprues, individually bagged (eleven medium gray, one clear) and I only noticed two small parts knocked off in two of the bags.There is a bathtub-style lower hull (also bagged), two rubber band tracks (bagged), two steel pins to join their ends (bagged), one brass PE fret with mesh for the turret basket, one decal sheet with markings for four tanks - three US Army tanks on Reforger exercises and one used by the USAF in Qatar for explosive ordnance disposal, and a 20-page instruction manual with 28 steps. A cable is depicted in the instructions, but was not to be found in any of the bags or the box. There is no interior detail or figure(s) included, although the hatches can be posed open or closed.

The Instruction Booklet and sample pages

The sprues and separate parts

Bathtub style lower hull - notice the escape hatch, the M60A3 is the last US tank to have one

Bottom hull side view

H sprue with headlights and vision blocks

G sprue with various small suspension and upper hull parts, engine exhaust covers, sponson fenders

U sprue has the bulldozer blade and component parts

A sprue x 2 has the suspension axles, bump stops, road wheels, return rollers, idler and sprocket wheels, final drive. The outer road wheel consists of separate wheel and tire

Tracks are nicely done, with just a few knockout pins

Track and steel pins

W sprue has the higher headlight mounts to clear the plow, headlights, brushguards, hydraulic controls, and plow mounting hardware

L sprue has the jig for the PE turret basket mesh, three parts of the main gun mantlet cover, and a slide molded main gun which is not used in this build

F sprue has the upper hull, which has a nicely rendered cast texture, along with storage/tool boxes for the fenders

M sprue has the turret top and bottom halves with nicely rendered casting texture and casting marks, commander's cupola and hatch

Sprue N has various turret parts - sights, vent covers, smoke dischargers, antenna mount, turret basket frame, fuel can halves

P sprue has the main gun parts - two halves and the muzzle, and some small turret detail parts

Q sprue has 2 x fuel and 2 x water cans, turret handrails, two sets of tow cable heads

PE fret has nicely done mesh for the turret basket, the frame for attaching the mantlet cover, and small detail parts

Decals for three US Army tanks during the 1983 and 1985 Reforger exercises, and one USAF tank used for explosive ordnance disposal


Although I've only built three other TAKOM kits, all for AMPS review, they all seem to have a lot in common - cleanly molded, good details, clear and accurate instructions, and ease of build. The only one I struggled with was the one with an interior, and that was probably my lack of experience. All the others were, dare I say it, fun. I look forward to this build, and don't expect any problems at all. I would like it if TAKOM would provide a list of parts that aren't to be used, but that's a very minor issue. As noted above, there are no interior parts, and TAKOM doesn't provide figures in their kits. Most of the AM available is for generic M60 or M60A1, but there are some A3 specific AM listed at this site here

Pending the full build, Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to TAKOM for this review kit.

Reviewed by Joseph "Mac" McDaniel


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