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ICM- Sd.Kfz. 247 Ausf. B WWII German Armoured Command Vehicle

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Friday, April 16, 2021
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Michael Reeves

ICM- Sd.Kfz. 247 Ausf. B WWII German Armoured Command Vehicle

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The Build

ICM has run the gamut of fascinating kits as of late- including some excellent WWI kits. The look of this particular command vehicle grabbed my attention and so I decided to give it a go. The vehicle kits from ICM I have built in the past have been highly detailed and involved builds- with large amounts of parts dedicated to the chassis frame and all of the underside bits. This one was not over the top difficult- involving 20 steps and just over 50 parts. Everything lines up pretty well and sets up for the following three steps to construct the engine.

The engine is added in step 24, along with the remainder of the underside parts and wheels. I held off on the wheels until the end with no ill effect. So through the first 37 steps, you have a completed chassis with wheels. Step 38 starts with the vehicle floor- adding more underside parts that will attach to the chassis later. Drivers pedals are added and then we move on to the side panels. The driver´s door, fenders, and crew compartment doors are added from steps 41-45 and then they are attached to the floor, with the radiator attaching to one side first. Step 48 adds the chassis to the main body. Driveshaft and other long bits are added underneath again, as well as the mud flaps in step 52.

Engine and radiator hoses are added to complete the engine assembly. Steps 56 through 85 add all of the interior parts including steering wheel and column, instrument panel, levers, seats, and the radio station wirth three radio boxes (no radio headphones are included). The details on the radios are quite excellent- and the kit includes decals for the panel gauges (except for the biggest dial face for some reason- Mike Grant decals to the rescue!). The fit on everything is pretty decent and the radios look the part. There are no extra crew stowage bits included in the kit, so the grenade box and land mine I grabbed from the spares box.


Steps 86-94 involves adding exterior details to the hull including all of the windshield armor, vision slits and their interior latches, and the engine hatch. Step 95 attaches the upper hull to the lower hull and chassis. This was a tricky fit- I had to go from back to front to get it to sit correctly. The headlights and front armor plate are added next. Steps 98 through 112 add the muffler and exhaust, stowage boxes, antennaes, tools, rear lights, spare tire, and all the fiddly bits like the fire extinguisher and jack and the rest. The antenna mounts weren't drilled out to accept the antennaes like I thought they were...I had already attached the mounts so it was just a steady hand to lay them in place, but a little work ahead of time would have saved me some trouble.


Painting and Weathering

As mentioned in the First Look, there are three Russian schemes- two in summer and one in autumn- all in tank grey. The last scheme is a summer France scheme in dark yellow. I chose the autumn Russian scheme because I like how the car looks in grey better. There is not too much for markings- just the vehicle ID tags, small fender markings, and the balkenkreuz markings for the hull sides and spare tire cover. I used Tamiya German Grey for the paint and added some Mig washes for Panzer grey vehicles. Some AMMO pigment powders added some earth and dust effects and It is complete!


ICM has released a rather unique looking vehicle with this particular kit. Even though there were few actually in service, it makes for a eye-catching build that can be used in nearly any setting without taking up a vast amount of space. The kit is begging for some figures- at least one manning the radio set. I see ICM is releasing this same kit with a crew (# 35111) so there may be a chance that they will release a separate crew at a later time(Editors Note- ICM has released the figures separately- kit #35644- German Command Vehicle Crew) . In the end though, it is a great kit that doesn't take up a vast amount of space in the display cabinet and would make for a great little vignette to enter into a show with. The construction of the chassis is intensive, so I would say this kit is geared more towards the intermediate builder, but a beginner could manage with care and patience.

Highly Recommended for Intermediate to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to ICM for this review kit.

Reviewed by Michael Reeves


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