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MMP Books- Camera On 15cm sIG 33

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Sunday, June 6, 2021
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Phillip Cavender

Camera On 15cm sIG 33






Camera On 15 cm sIG 33, is number 25 in the "Camera On " series published by MMPBooks/Stratus.  The author, Alan Ranger, has written over 22 books in the Camera On Series dealing with German and Japanese armor specializing in soft skin and armored vehicles.  Published in 2021, the author presents photographs of Germany's largest infantry weapon, the Schweres Infanterie Geschutz 33.

This 11.7 x 8.3 inches A4 format paperback has 72 pages with period b/w photographs from the author's personal collection, not the propaganda images one generally sees. Most are previously unseen and taken by ordinary German soldiers before and during the war.

The book begins with a brief forward and a short introduction to the history of the 15 cm sIG 33 gun covering 2 pages.  Developed in 1927 with first production in 1936 and final production run in 1945. The heavy gun has a 150mm caliber barrel and weighed in at 4,000 pounds.  Originally designed to be towed by horse, the design was changed for towing by Germany's motorized vehicles by adding pneumatic brakes and rubber tires replacing the steel rimmed wheels.

The book is divided into three sections.

  • Horse Drawn Type
  • Motorized Towing Type
  • Stielgranate 42


Horse Drawn Type



A two-page layout is captured on pages 6 and 7 depicting a gun crew preparing to fire.  The steel wheel can clearly be seen as well as the gun detail. The author describes in the caption the colors of the shell and fuse head inserts the shell being light tan and the fuse head is unpainted polished steel. Page 8 below clearly shows the sIG33 in fully elevated position as well as another view of the steel wheels with early steel rims.