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Takom – 1/35 Bergepanzer 2A2 – Full Build

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Tuesday, July 13, 2021
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James Wechsler

 Takom – 1/35 Bergepanzer 2A2 – Full Build By  Takom

This is the full build review.  For the first look review, click here:

First Look


To start the construction, I deviated from the kit’s instructions.  The kit instructions have you assembling the lower hull, suspension and tracks first and then attaching the upper hull.  I’ve found in the past that it’s best to get the upper hull and lower hull mated first in case there’s any putty and sanding required.  So I only assembled the parts that needed to be installed prior to mating the hull parts.  The fit was good and only a little putty was needed.

With that done, I moved on to the suspension.  It’s a pretty straight forward assembly with good fit so it went together easily.

After that I assembled the tracks.  They are really easy to put together.  Each link clips to the next one via the guidehorn.  The end connectors are made from vinyl and simply press fit on to the end pins.  So you can make an entire run and have it be completely workable.

With the tracks made and installed. The rest of the vehicle construction is simply to attach the large myriad of tools, clevis’, spare tracks, extra road wheels, etc.  No issues at all.

One choice you do have to make is whether to show the crane support stabilizer on the back of the vehicle deployed or stowed.  Since I’ll be showing the crane raised, I put it in the deployed position.

I did leave off the holding rack for the spare Leopard engine since it’s typically a solid dark green and thus better to be painted separately.  Same goes for the large lifting bar that attaches to the right of the hull.

The last construction step is the crane.  The assembly of the plastic parts is straight forward and the fit is good. What is a little tricky is threading the cord through the pulleys in the right direction so the hook assembly can actually operate.  If you are planning to show the hook stowed with the crane, then its much easier since very little of the cord is visible.  I’m going to have it hanging down so it took a lot more fiddling to get it right.  Once in position, I locked it down by running some thin CA glue along the cord to keep it in place.

With the crane completed, I glued it to the hull and that completed the assembly.


The kit offers a large number of painting options.  Most are for the standard NATO 3 color camo and that’s what I went with.  I started by painting the lower hull, suspension, and tracks in Tamiya Flat Earth since most of the photos I saw showed them pretty dusty. Then I slowly airbrushed the three colors using the Tamiya NATO green, brown and black.  I panel faded each color to give a little depth but I didn’t go too heavy since the photos I saw seemed to show the vehicle in pretty good shape.

After a flat coat, I turned to the long job of painting all the extra items that are attached all over the vehicle.  It’s slow job but it really helps the overall look.

Lastly, I turned to the weathering.  For this vehicle, I kept it simple.  First, I gave the model an overall wash using thinned Raw Umber oil paint.  Then I did some weathering on the dozer blade using the sponge method.  Lastly I apply some pigments to the lower hull suspension and tracks to give the dusty look I wanted.


This kit is a surprisingly straight forward build for a pretty complex vehicle.  Overall, the parts are cleanly molded and the fit is quite good.  The instructions are also clear and make it easy enough to attach all those little parts.

Highly Recommended.

My sincere thanks to Takom for the review sample.

Reviewed by Jim Wechsler, SoCal AMPS


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