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Tiger Werke, US Vietnam Ammo Bunker Type 1

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Saturday, July 24, 2021
Tiger Werke
Retail Price:
$10.50 USD
Reviewed By:
Chuck Aleshire

Tiger Werke

US Vietnam Ammo Bunker

Type 1

Tiger Werke was acquired by new owner Phil Cavender in 2018, and he’s been quite busy bringing modelers interesting new products ever since. The subject of this review is one of those new items, one of a set of three different Vietnam ammo bunkers. Reviews of all three bunkers can be found here at AMPS. 

Further info on this and all products from Tiger Werke can be found at

What’s in the Box?

Kit contents are two cleanly cast parts made of a medium gray resin, and a sheet of paper giving some tips and precautions for working with resin castings. The resin castings were wrapped in bubble wrap, and no shipping or handling damage was noted.

Above - the base of the bunker, made up of ammo crates.

Above - base rear view. 

This casting is very cleanly done, with good definition to the crates themselves and the metal latch and hinge hardware. The rope carrying handles could perhaps use just a bit of texture on them, but this isn’t a problem. Virtually no cleanup was needed on this casting.

Above - roof of the bunker, sandbags over a sheet of plywood.

The roof casting is another very nice casting, representing sandbags piled on top of what looks likely to be plywood. The sandbags have a nice “weighty” appearance to them, and they sag convincingly. Almost no cleanup was required for this casting, other than a very minor trim to the bottom lip of the plywood.

Above - dry fitting of parts, no issues noted. 

Above - dry fitting, side view 

Assembling / Finishing the Ammo Bunker

Painting of this little bunker was accomplished using a mix of Tamiya, Vallejo and AMMO products. I used Tamiya Desert Yellow to represent the raw wood the crates were made of (probably pine), and Vallejo’s oily steel for the crate’s unpainted metal  hardware. The rope carrying handles I painted with Tamiya’s brown, probably just a bit too dark, but I wanted the contrast between the wood / rope handles. I applied some Future to the roof sandbags hoping that would help a weak black acrylic wash settle in between the sand bags, and then finished with some dirt colored pigments scrubbed into them.

I secured the roof to the crate base using CA. The bunker is now ready for a Vietnam war fire base diorama.

Above - front view of the ammo bunker 

Above - side view of the bunker

Above - rear view of the bunker


This is fine addition to the Tiger Werke line, especially as it’s something that Vietnam War modelers can certainly use. IMHO, this segment of military modeling has been somewhat less than well served by the industry.

The quality of the castings is very good, with good definition of details on the castings, and a realistic appearance. This kit requires very little clean up and is ready for use almost straight from the packaging. While price shouldn’t be a factor when reviewing a product, this product is quite modestly priced, especially considering it’s high quality. 

Modelers of the Vietnam War will be very interested in all three of these ammo bunkers! ( now I have to look for an appropriate artillery piece kit while at the upcoming South Bend show! )

Highly Recommended!

Thanks to Tiger Werke for the review sample

Reviewed by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland

AMPS 2nd Vice President, Midwest Region 


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