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Tiger Werke, US Vietnam Ammo Bunker Type 3

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021
Tiger Werke
Retail Price:
$15.50 USD
Reviewed By:
Chuck Aleshire

Tiger Werke

US Vietnam Ammo Bunker

Type 3 

Tiger Werke was acquired by new owner Phil Cavender in 2018, and since then he’s been busy expanding the line of cast resin products. Their products include a very nice range of diorama and figure bases, vehicle cargo sets, and a wide variety of miscellaneous goodies that will dress up your works/dioramas. The Vietnam War has been somewhat under-represented by diorama products manufacturers, so it’s nice to see Tiger Werke stepping up to address this need.

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What’s in the Box?

Securely packaged inside the box are two light gray resin castings, and an information sheet with tips on how to deal with resin castings safely and effectively. No shipping damage to the resin castings was noted.

First we see the the base of the kit, made up of a single nice casting depicting ammo crates forming the floor, and stacked to make up the rear wall of this bunker.

above - front view

above - side view

above - rear view

This casting is virtually flawless, with no obvious defects or issues. The hinges, latches, and other hardware on the crates are well defined, sharp and crisply represented. The rope handles at either end of the crates are a wee bit basic, without any real texture to them, but they are certainly good enough to represent the handles. Overall, this is a great casting, and is ready for use straight out of the box.

Now we will take a look at the look at the roof of the bunker, which represents sand bags piled over a half circle section of corrugated steel culvert.

above - front view

above - underside of the roof casting, showing the culvert section detail

This is another excellent casting, with almost no flaws or deficiencies. I say “almost” because being a nit picky reviewer, I did manage to find a couple of really tiny air bubbles on just a couple of the sand bags, easily fixed with tiny amounts of superglue. Honestly though, almost not worth mentioning.

This casting is very well done, having nice definition to the sandbags and steel culvert section. This casting needed almost no preparation for use.

above - test fitting

Above - rear view of the bunker test fitted

The two castings in this kit fit very well together straight out of the box, and the bunker looks great from all sides. These castings have a great appearance and detail to them. The crates that form the base and rear wall look good, and the culvert/sandbag roof is very convincing. The sandbags have a very “weighty” look to them, with quite natural looking drape and sag.

Finishing the Ammo Bunker

I painted the ammo bunker using products from the usual suspects; Tamiya acrylics, Vallejo, and Ammo by Mig. I chose a natural wood color for the ammo crates after seeing many such images of Vietnam era ammo crates on the net. The sand bags I painted in good old olive drab. A little steel color on the crate hardware and a brown shade for the rope handles and I was done with the paint. I then did a wash on the crates with a Turpenoid / oil mix, and finished with just a bit of dry brushing with the new Ammo dry brush line (I like the stuff, despite dry brushing being largely out of favor these days).


The quality of the two resin castings that make up this kit is excellent. The castings are clean and well cast, with no flaws to speak of. These castings fit together very well right out of the box, and are basically ready for paint and assembly immediately.

This ammo bunker is a really nice way to dress up that Vietnam era composition, and the kit is very reasonably priced IMHO. This kit will be of very high interest to those interested in modeling Vietnam era subjects.

I will be watching Tiger Werke closely to see what other new goodies they come out with!

Highly Recommended!

Thanks to Tiger Werke for the review sample!

Reviewed by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland

AMPS 2nd Vice President, Midwest Region 


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