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Osprey- German Tanks in Normandy 1944

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Osprey Publishing
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Frank Froment

German Tanks in Normandy 1944


Book Details:

Author: Steve J. Zaloga

Illustrated by: Felipe Rodriguez

Publisher: Osprey Publishing

Cost: $19

ISBN: 978-1-4278-4320-3

Softcover Book

48 Pages of detailed information, black and white photos, color photos and illustrations

5 Chapters

The Tanks, Doctrine, and Organization

Technical Factors

The Campaign

Battle Analysis


Chapter 1 The Tanks, Doctrine, and Organization discusses the Panzer units, types of vehicles, numbers per unit, in charts, photos, and writing about the tanks in Normandy. You will also read about their commanders and the doctrine that they used.  The chapter also talks about infantry armored units and replacements that took place during Normandy.  There some battlefield photos of tanks in action, captured vehicles, and destroyed vehicles.  There are also a few color illustrations. 

There are three subsections in the first chapter: Organization, Panzer Operational Doctrine, and Small-Unit Panzer Tactics.

Below is the opening chapter with the Organization section.

Here is snippet of the Panzer Operational Doctrine section.

They also discuss the Small Unit Panzer Tactics in this chapter.

In the Technical Factors section they discuss the various Panzers, Tigers, Panthers, StuGs, Panzerjagers and more.  The Panzer operational rates are discussed and there are some charts with operational rate, comparative technical characteristics, German vs. Allied combat effectiveness, and Panzerjager battalions in Normandy with Jagdpanzer IVs. There is also a color plate with Wittmann's 212 Tiger and a couple of other tanks.

The Campaign chapter talks about the initial operations of the Normandy battle and the subsequent reinforcements.  There are very nice photos of Panzers in action as well as a few destroyed ones. This chapter also contains some charts detaining the commitment of the Panzer/AFV units to the Normandy front.  There are also a few other charts; Average German Armor densities, Summer 1944 and Operational Panzer strength in Normandy 1944 plus more. There are few color plates in the chapter also, and a nice drawing of a couple of Geschutzwagen 7.5cm PaK 40 auf 39H assault guns. 

The Battle Analysis chapter discusses the strategic and operational failures of the battle.  There are some good photos of knocked-out vehicles, some charts detailing the losses from June-September 1944 along with a few others.  

Further Reading will give you... you got it further reading you can find on the battle.

The index will help you find something specific you may want to see without having to thumb through the whole book.

Here is another color plate that is in the book.


Each color plate comes with a description section for each vehicle


This was a very interesting high level view of what happened during the Battle of Normandy.  There are some great action photos as well as knocked out vehicles. The color plates are nice because you get a great description of the vehicle and, in most cases, who commanded the vehicle.  I also thought the charts were very informative and interesting.  I would definitely recommend this book if you are looking for an overview of the Normandy battle.

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Osprey Publishing for this review sample.

Reviewed by Frank Froment, AMPS Sponsorship Coordinator, Nordland AMPS,


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