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Images of War: The Nazis’ Winter Warfare on the Eastern Front 1941-1945

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Wednesday, November 10, 2021
Casemate Publishing
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James Knaus

The Nazis’ Winter Warfare on the Eastern Front 1941-1945

 Images of War: The Nazis’ Winter Warfare on the Eastern Front 1941-1945. Another new title from the Images of War series is this one. Broken into four chapters covering the First Winter 1941/42, second winter, third and finally fourth winter  of 1944/45, it also has two appendices. The first is the table of contents for the Taschenbuch fur den Winterkreig, Winter Warfare Manual, and then a one page description of the Winter Medal or as the troops called it, the ”Frozen Meat Medal”. While following  the same format of other books in the series this one weighing in at 157 pages is different. There are quite a few diagrams and drawings from the Taschenbuch fur den Winterkreig. From patrolling on skis to making an igloo. There are also a further two pages for notes. I have found this book to be particularly interesting to look through. I find it amazing that any survived the first winter with so very little winter equipment. I know personally that being out in -40C weather is unpleasant, but at least I can go indoors to warm up. As they learned though, equipment was made available so the troops did do better.  If you’re looking for mud, well there is lots of that. The only negative I have of the book is its disingenuous title. To name a military force based on political ideology is ridiculous. As usual there are plenty of pictures of good quality although slightly washed out. They are still valuable and many I have never seen before. Each picture is accompanied by a description. Each chapter has a synopsis of the topic which should be enough to get a good idea of what changes occurred over the various winters. I think this is my favourite book yet from the Images of War series. Very good information and good quality photographs makes this quite worthwhile and of value to the modeler. I highly recommend it. 


Thanks goes out to Casemate Publications for this review sample.

Reviewed by James Knaus


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