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Images of War: Panzergrenadiers 1942-1945.

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Monday, November 8, 2021
Casemate Publishing
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James Knaus

Panzergrenadiers 1942-1945

 One of the new Images of War books recently released is this one on the Panzergrenadiers 1942-1945. A soft cover book of 128 pages it covers the conception of Panzergrenadiers and their evolution. The Images of War books are soft cover books measuring 19 x 25 centimeters and full of pictures. While generally light on text what is provided gives a succinct blurb on the topic covering the pertinent facts. The Panzergrenadier book is four chapters and three appendices covering the reformation of the military and birth of the concept followed by 3 more chapters covering changes year by year. The appendices cover Army, and Air Force Panzergrenadiers, The reorganization of the Divisions in 44 and the final Panzergrenadier Battalion of 1945. As with the rest of the series I have seen so far there are a number of pictures of good quality and size. These pictures are a real boon for modelers looking for ideas on weathering, storage and settings to place their models in.  Overall I find these books to be very good when used in the scope they are presented, as a photo reference. If you are looking for more information on the subject you will have to find other sources to get more detail. I have found though that they usually have pictures mislabeled at times. Case in point and picture of a Panzerjager incorrectly identified as a Marder I when it is actually a Marder II. I don’t feel it detracts from the purpose of the book though as a picture is worth a thousand words. These titles give a lot of bang for the buck and I am slowly collecting them all for my library. 


Thanks goes out to Casemate Publishers for this review sample.

Reviewed by James Knaus


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