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Guideline Publications- Military Modelcraft International (MMI) December 2021 Vol 26 Issue 02

ISBN Number:
Thursday, December 30, 2021
Guideline Publications, UK
Retail Price:
£ 4.95
Reviewed By:
Frank Froment

Military Modelcraft International (MMI)

December 2021 Vol 26 Issue 02


The December 2021 issue of Military Modelcraft International has 90 pages of unique and interesting subjects, crisp photos, kit reviews, step-by-step builds and painting, Quartermaster Store, advertising and a book review section.  There are some detailed instructions on building, painting and weathering a King Tiger, a T-55 variant, a 1/72 Diorama with a Sherman Firefly, a Hobbyboss Landwasserschlepper, a T-90A in 1/48 scale, and a Sherman conversion for the Trailblazer.   

The featured articles included in the issue are:  

  1.    King of Kings by John Bonanni
  2.    The Arsenal of Agression by Andrey Podteraba
  3.    Armour in Profile – 64 Sherman Firefly by Peter Brown
  4.    Fancy a Drink by Fernando Grannell
  5.    Taking to the water by Segarra Guerrero
  6.    Trailblazer by Maustafa Assad
  7.    Phantoms in Donbass by the Editor David Grummitt
  8.    Armour in Action Guderian’s Foxes by Jason Marks  

The regular Articles include:  

  1. The Forum - Where the Editor informs the reader what is included in this issue
  2. News at the Front
  3. News from AMPS (Showtime)
  4. Quartermasters Stores
  5. Words and Pictures
  6. MMI online / Coming in Next Month's MMI   

The News at the Front includes reviews of the following New Releases:

  • 1/35 Das Werk's French 155mm C17S Howitzer
  • 1/35 & 1/72 FC Modeltrend 3D printed kits
  • 1/35 Empire Model Tracks and detail sets
  • 1/48 Tank Mania BMP-2
  • 1/35 Zvezda T-62
  • 1/72 and 1/35 Revel kits
  • 1/35 MiniArt kits
  • 1/35 Italeri M.A.S. 563/568 Patrol Boat with Crew
  • 1/35 HobbyBoss new releases
  • 1/72 Copper State Models Italian Armoured Car 1ZM

In News from AMPS Stan Spooner reports from 2021 AMPS-Centex Armor Expo.