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Osprey Publishing- Tanks In The Battle Of Germany

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Sunday, January 9, 2022
Osprey Publishing
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Brian Eberle

Osprey Publishing- Tanks In The Battle Of Germany

Overview.  Tanks In The Battle For Germany is an excellent addition to the Osprey New Vanguard series authored by Steven Zaloga with illustrations by Felipe Rodriguez.   The book is scheduled for print publication in late January 2022 (around the 20th) and is available now in Kindle format from Amazon for $9.99.  The book follows the typical Osprey New Vanguard format with 48 pages bound in a soft cover measuring 7 ¼” x 9 ¾”.   

What’s Inside.  As the title implies, the book is focused on Allied and German tanks (including tank destroyers and anti-tank vehicles) that fought inside Germany during 1945.  The scope of the book is limited to the Western Front and does not cover the Russian tanks fighting in Germany during the same period.  Hopefully the tanks fighting on Eastern Front in Germany will become a future book.   Following a brief introduction, the book is divided into 4 main sections.  

The first section, The Campaign, provides a summary of events from the Allied offensive in the summer of 1944 through the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944 – January 1945, the advance to and crossing of the Rhine River in March and culminating in the advance to the Elbe River in late April 1945.  This section provides numerous data tables on German Panzer strength by type over multiple dates.   

The next section, Doctrine and Organization, covers the German, American and British / Canadian tanks at Army level in the Western Front.   

The third section addresses Technical Factors of the main combatant forces, their mix and quantities of tank types, capabilities, and overall condition in 1945.   

The fourth section, Battle Analysis, focuses on tank losses incurred on each side during the campaign in Germany.   

The contents include 42 black and white photographs of the common Allied and German tanks along with 12 color illustrations showing the vehicles in the liveries of the units that fought in Germany during 1945.  The illustrations are quite good and compliment the black and white period photographs.   

In addition, the book contains a two-page illustration of the famous tank battle in Cologne between a M26 Pershing and PanzerKampfWagen V Panther on March 6th, 1945.  This illustration is worthy of framing but is marred by a large white gap bisecting the pages.  A foldout page would have better presented this illustration.   

Lastly the book contains 19 tables documenting details addressing order of battle, and tank strength by country over multiple dates from January through April 1945.   

The book concludes with a brief discussion on research sources for those interested in Further Reading.  

Overall Impression.  This book adds another great resource for enthusiasts of World War II, and the tanks that fought in 1945 on the Western Front.  The combination of lesser seen photographs, excellent color illustrations and historical data are sure to captivate both the hobbyist and armchair historian.    

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Osprey Publishing for this review sample.

Reviewed by Brian Eberle

3 Rivers AMPS (3RAMPS),

Pittsburgh, PA


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