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Gallery Models- 1/16 Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf. Type J/L/M (3-in-1)

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Thursday, May 12, 2022
Gallery Models
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Michael Reeves

Gallery Models- 1/16 Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf. Type J/L/M (3-in-1)


This won't be your typical summary of the history of the iconic workhorse of the Panzer Korps-- I have already written one or two during my time reviewing at AMPS. Instead, I will spend some time talking about Gallery Models, a recent addition to MRC's collection. This kit is a rebox of Trumpeter's Pz. III Ausf. M from 2020- but with added parts to recreate one of three versions- either the Ausf. J, L, or M. Searching the timeline on Scalemates, there are apparently two further releases of this same kit from Heller and MonoChrome- each even sporting the same box art as what we see here. The kit boasts 1500+ parts and includes copper cable, a metal barrel (possibly for just the J?), a fret of PE, individual track links, die-cut armor skirts, and two separate upper hulls- one for the J/L and one for the M. 

The kit sprues number around 20 gray sprues with some duplicates, as well as four black plastic for the tires, a clear sprue, and a number of rust colored for the track links and pins. There are two instruction booklets-- one for the J/L and one for the M with sprue maps for each. I am not a huge fan of the schürzen look so will probably be building the J or L...still undecided on which.


Speaking of which...let's get to those sprues.

The lower hull is the same for either kit and takes up a whole side compartment of the box...

Upper hulls for your choices of either J, L, or M...

Sprue A contains smoke discharger parts, Schürzen brackets, the machine gun, and some small parts wrapped in foam. There are two of these. The machine gun is slide molded and has open barrels.

Sprue B consists of the track guards and fenders, some pioneer tools, and parts for the front armor plate.

Sprue C has more tools and brackets, headlight, and vision slits.

Sprue D has exhaust parts, jack block and crowbar, and more armor for the hull including the front glacis.

Sprue E (of which there are 4) consists of road wheels, torsion bars, suspension bits, and tow cable ends. Slide molding is once again evident here for the suspension arms.


Sprue F (two of these) contain the sprockets, idler, road wheels, and other assorted bits. More slide-molded suspension arms.

Sprue G has parts for the hatches, jack, fire extinguisher, and the like.

Sprue H contains the main turret, turret armor plates, and rear stowage box.

Sprue J has parts for the lower turret, turret ring, rear stowage lid, and mantlet.

Sprue K has more mantlet parts, commanders cupola, armor plate, one piece main gun barrel, and parts of the gun breech. The gun barrel and collar is also slide molded.

Sprue L has more gun breech parts, hatches and armor brackets.

Sprue M (two of these) has periscope and hatch bits...

Sprue V (4 of these) include black styrene tires...not sure how I feel about these versus vinyl...but with some paint and weathering hopefully the sheen will be cut down.

Sprue GP contains all the clear parts...

Sprue X (for the J/L variant only) has parts for exhausts, hatches specific to the type, Notek light, and horn.

Sprues Y1 and Y2 contain more hatches and mantlet parts and armor plates...

Sprues Z (x7) track pins, TR1 (x22), and 110 track links are in rust colored styrene... and are shown here with the included copper cable, vinyl caps, and metal barrel.

Two frets of die-cut armor skirts for the M....

PE fret with grills and covers...

Decals for the following schemes:

  • A.  Ausf. M, 412, unknown
  • B.  Ausf. M, 503, 3 Pz.Rgt, 2 Pz,Div, Kursk, 1943
  • C.  Ausf. M, 104, 3 Pz.Gren.Div, "Totenkopf", Kursk, 1943
  • D.  Ausf. M, 621, 6 Pz.Div, Kursk, 1943
  • E.  Ausf. J, 3 Pz.Rgt, 10 Pz.Div, Tunisia, 1943
  • F.  Ausf. J, 631, 2 Pz.Div, Russia, 1941
  • G. Ausf. L, unknown
  • H. Ausf. L, 124, Russia, unknown



This kit is obviously grandiose in size. The lower hull is nearly as long as my forearm and this will be an excellent piece when completed. The instructions and color profiles are very similar to that of Trumpeter's sets which is understandable since the lineage for this kit goes back to the original 2020 Trumpeter kit. I am looking forward to the challenges of building this kit and might dig out my old Black and Decker paint sprayer for when things get to the paint stage. It ought to be a nice companion to the new Easy Eight Sherman just announced by Andy's Hobby HQ.

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders, pending full build.

Thanks goes out to Model Rectifier Corporation for this review kit.

Reviewed by Michael Reeves


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