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Pen & Sword- Images of War-The Waffen-SS in Normandy 1944

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ISBN 978-1-39909-141-1
Tuesday, June 7, 2022
Pen and Sword Books
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The Waffen-SS in Normandy 1944

A Pen and Sword Book


The Waffen-SS....a name feared by many during World War II, a name that garnered reluctant respect from it's enemies, both military and civilian that would have encounters with Hitler's favored men.  The armored fighting men of the SS were favored by Hitler.  They would help the Third Reich survive as long as it did, even when the Allies were closing in on Germany from all sides.

This new book by famed book publisher Pen & Sword covers the Waffen-SS in Normandy leading up to the invasion and all the way through the Allies taking over Normandy, breaking the Waffen-SS in the Falaise pocket.  Losing the Normandy campaign would prove to be very costly to the Leibstandarte, Das Reich, Hohenstaufen, Hitlerjugend and  Frundsberg divisions in particular.  For example, Das Reich would only count 450 men and 15 tanks as survivors of the battle for Normandy.  The division was absolutely decimated and would never be right after this.  Hohenstaufen would count 460 men and about 25 tanks remaining, another shattered division.  Frundsberg would lose all of it's tanks and artillery.  Hitlerjugend would count only 300 men and no artillery remaining.  As evidenced by these losses, the Allies march towards Berlin was slowed but not halted.  For all the respect that these divisions mustered, they were indeed, not super-human.

This book counts approximately 128 pages, with around 250 black and white photos in a 7 7/16" X 9 11/16" format, printed in softback form.  The cover and rear-cover is printed in thicker card stock for durability.  The print is easy to read, not too hard on these 58 year old eyes.  With a lot of previously undiscovered and printed photos, the content in this book is delightful to look at, showing a glimpse into the lives oh these men.  Sadly to say, there are stories of some atrocities that I will not cover in this review, you can read about those. 

Below are some of the photos taken from this book.....


Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.  This book will make a very good historical reference for AMPS builders that want to know more about how the SS Divisions faired in Normandy, backed with some photographic evidence.  The book is of high grade quality and very easy to read and follow.  The photos are that good.  I for one am very happy to have reviewed this new book and feel fortunate to have it in my library now.

My thanks goes out to Casemate Publishing for this book review sample.

Reviewed by GLEN MARTIN


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