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Military Modelcraft International - July 2022 Issue

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Vol. 26, Issue 9
Friday, July 15, 2022
Guideline Publications, UK
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£5.50 Pound Sterling
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Military Modelcraft International

Vol 26, Issue 9

July-2022 Issue


Managing Editor:  David Grummitt

Military Modelcraft International is the world's leading English-language military modelling magazine. Each month it is packed with step-by-step build articles, exclusive reference material, and the latest news and reviews from across the hobby. In each issue we bring you the very best armor modelling from across the world, with informative and accessible text and high-quality photography helping you to improve your modelling skills and get the most from your hobby.

Military Modelcraft International covers the whole history of armored warfare from the Western Front in World War I to the battlefields of today. Its feature articles cover the main modelling scales from 1/72 to 1/16 and they range from complex scratch-built projects to builds designed to help newcomers to the hobby. Stand-alone models, vignettes and dioramas all feature in our pages, covering the entire spectrum of the armor modelling hobby. Working with leading model manufacturers and paint companies, our step-by-step features bring alive the benches of some of the best-known names in the hobby providing you with a bank of modelling knowledge that will enrich your hobby experience.

Military Modelcraft International boasts over 60,000 followers on Facebook. Our international print and digital community is ever expanding, making Military Modelcraft International the world's number one name in military modelling.

MMI is also number for news and reviews, bringing you in-depth box reviews and 'on-the-bench' builds of newly released kits and listings of the latest products from manufacturers big and small. Illustrated throughout with the crystal clear photography and accessible step-by-step features, MMI is the indispensable monthly magazine for all military modelers.

David Grummitt, the Managing Editor, has been on a roll for a very long time with this magazine.  Simply put, David has this magazine producing top shelf quality publications with content and photos that are very well laid out and produced for the reader to enjoy.  In reviewing this issue, I was really impressed with the way the content type was well balanced, between iconic WWII vehicles such as the M4, T-34/85, Tiger I and how those vehicles are super detailed.  Additionally, there is a diorama build included along with a Russian Revolution era wheeled armored car which was really cool!!!  The magazine is teaming with advertisements that the viewer will certainly enjoy seeing the aftermarket parts that are being announced and brought forward for modeling enjoyment!

The contents of this months issue are:

Page 6 - The Forum

Page 8 - News at the Front  (What's the latest kit release news?  Catch it here!!)

Page 14 - Quartermasters store  (Here's the latest news in aftermarket.)

Page 20 - APG's Improved M4 (Daniel Brooker builds a little-known 'paper' Sherman.)

Page 26 - The Beast of the Balkans (Part 2) (Max Lemaire finishes his advanced T-34 project.)

Page 32 - Easy Eight Takes it Easy (Kenneth Childres restores an old M4 to former glories.)

Page 39 - Armor in Profile - 71 (Operation Citadel.  The Editor reconsiders aspects of the great clash of arms on the Eastern Front in 1943.  With profiles from Claudio Fernandez.)

Page 50 - Bordering on a Classic (Łukasz Orczyc-Musiałek builds a new Tiger I kit.)

Page 58 - The Forgotten War (Stefan Szymanski builds a little-known armored car during the Russian Civil War.)

Page 62 - T-44 - The last Soviet Medium Tank of World War II (Alex Clark builds the OKB Grigorov 1/72 Scale Kit)

Page 70 - Showtime:  Moson Show 2022 (The Editor travels to Hungary to one of Europe's largest model shows)

Page 78 - Words and Pictures (A round up of the latest military titles)

Page 82 - MMI Online / Stars of the Next Issue


Now for some of the pages in this issue...............











Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

This magazine has been around for a long time and it's easy to see why.  The quality of the publication in the value that is packed with the details makes this an enjoyable read that not only concerns the articles about various build project topics, but what is going on in general within our hobby.  It's that information alone that makes this publication so nice to have.  Often we as modelers get lost in trying to find out if there are new aftermarket parts or a printed reference book that covers our subjects that we want to build.  Being able to see where some of the aftermarket is available in the advertisements within this magazine are really nice.  Couple that with the build articles and this magazine is really good.  I appreciate this review sample...I now have some night time reading to do!!!  Thanks David for the review sample!!! 

For purchasing, here is a link to the Guideline Publications website and US customers can subscribe to MMI and pay in US dollars at

Thanks goes out to Guideline Publications and in particular, Mr. David Grummitt for this magazine review.

Reviewed by GLEN MARTIN


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