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TAKOM - Vk 100.01 (p) Mammut 2 in 1

Kit Number:
Thursday, August 4, 2022
Retail Price:
$50 - ish USD
Reviewed By:
Chuck Aleshire


Vk 100.01 (p) Mammut 2 in 1

This new-tool release from TAKOM is a model of a tank that never was, the mid-1942 attempt by Ferdinand Porsche to design a super heavy tank. This monster tank was called the Mammut, Mammoth in English. This paper panzer never progressed beyond drawings, due in large part to Adolph Hitler’s usual interference. He wanted even more armor, etc., and the eventual result was the even more massive Maus, which never got beyond the testing ground stage near war’s end.

This is a “2 in 1” kit, as the kit will build your choice of two versions with different main guns, as well as different engine decks. 

What’s in the Box?

The kit is molded from light gray styrene, with all sprues neatly bagged. The kit comes in an oversized lid and tray box, with plenty of room inside the box for all kit components. No damage to any kit components was noted.

Sprue B (x2)

Detail view - sprue B

Sprue C - (x2)

Sprue D - note the two piece gun tubes in two calibers ( 150 and 128mm ). Fear not though, you may not need to sand those lengthy seams…

Sprue E - note the two different engine decks

Sprue F

Above - Sprue F detail

Lower Hull

Above - 4 lengths (two per side) of band type tracks

Above - track detail. The track lengths are made of a vinyl-like, pliable material.

Above - track detail, guide horns side

Above - the track lengths are connected using 4 steel pins

Above - caps for the road wheel pairs, made of the same vinyl-like material as the tracks

Above - one metal gun tube is supplied ( not for both types ). I believe this is the 128mm gun tube.

Above - photoetched screens for both engine deck variants 

Above - well printed decals for four markings schemes for this tank

Above - the instructions booklet

Above - the instructions steps are clearly drawn and uncrowded.

Above - 4 full color paint and lettering schemes (fictional) done by AMMO of MIG are provided.


“Paper panzers” continue to draw interest from model builders, and model manufacturers are only too happy to oblige them. This kit is a classic example of the genre, leading one to imagine an engineer drawing sketches on a napkin in a smoky beer hall, while waiting on the air raid sirens caused by nightly RAF raids.

This is a fairly simple kit without much in the way of potential trouble areas, and should prove to be a quick build. 

Pros - the suspension is posable, metal gun tube is included, photetched engine deck screens are provided, the decals look very nice, and the instructions (including the paint and lettering scheme renderings) are well drawn.

Cons - while the hatches can be posed opened, there is no interior detail.

I should be back with the full build review quickly, so stand by….

Highly Recommended!

Thanks to TAKOM for the review sample

Reviewed by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland

AMPS 2nd Vice President, Midwest Region


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