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AMMO by MIG, TerraForm Premium Texture - Asphalt

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Thursday, September 15, 2022
Ammo by Mig Jimenez S.L.
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8 Euro
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Chuck Aleshire


TerraForm Premium Textures


AMMO BY MiG continues to bring modelers new, easily used products intended to make it simple for modelers to replicate almost anything seen in real life. The range of materials they produce is incredibly wide, and continues to grow.

This particular Terraform Premium Textures material is designed to replicate asphalt, and is suitable for all commonly seen model scales. The material is non-toxic, odorless, and thins/cleans-up with water. It is packaged in a 100ml jar. A series of useful tutorials on the use of the entire AMMO Terraform line can be found on the AMMO website, link below.

What’s in the Bottle?

The seal wasn’t real tight on this bottle, the white part (above image, lower right) was loose and came right off when I unscrewed the bottle lid. There was a film of the asphalt material under it, with the main contents of the asphalt material about half an inch lower down in the bottle.

Above - I stuck the white sealing material back into the bottle lid to get a close-up look at the asphalt material

Laying down some Asphalt

I had a piece of construction foam left over from an aborted project, I decided it would be a suitable test bed for this asphalt material as it’s large enough for a section of roadway.

Ammo by MiG has a nice series of tutorials (referenced in my opening paragraphs above) that will give the user some tips on using these materials. Following the tutorial, my first step was to mix the asphalt material thoroughly using a coffee stir stick.

Above - with the front of the base cut away to provide some elevation variation, I’d taped off the rear of the base to define the roadway. After thoroughly mixing up the asphalt material to a consistency close to that of maple syrup, I applied the material using a fresh coffee stir stick. The material went on in a manner sort of like frosting a cake, very easily. 

The asphalt went down in a much thinner layer than I’d somehow expected - which is good for us, as it means the jar of this material will go a bit further than I’d first thought. This pretty decently sized roadway only took perhaps a third of the jar.

After covering the entire surface of the roadway with the asphalt material, I got another fresh coffee stir stick, dampened it with water in an attempt to keep too much asphalt from sticking to it, and dragged it across the roadway surface to try to level the slight ridges in the material. This seemed to work pretty well. I then pulled up the tape on the rear of the base before the asphalt material hardened too much.

Above - texture / color of the surface, while still wet.

Above - AMMO advises that this material will dry within 24hrs, and will lighten slightly when dry. In the above image taken just a couple of hours after the asphalt was applied, you already can see the lighter areas where the material is drying/lightening. You can also see a wee bit of white showing thru the material here and there that will need a bit of easy touch up.

Later on…

After the asphalt material dried, I airbrushed a light misting of medium gray along the edges and centerline of the roadway. I also tried to hand brush some dirt colored pigment onto the roadway with rather poor results. This asphalt material surface just grabs onto the pigment and doesn’t want to let go, making it tough to blend it. So beware using pigments on this surface..

Finally, I dropped an ancient 1/35 scale Panzer III model onto the roadway, to give a sense of how much roadway I paved, and how the material looks with a vehicle on it. I think this material replicates an asphalt road surface very nicely!


As with any modeling medium, there is a bit of a learning curve in using this stuff, but other than the pigments being unwilling to shift at all once placed, this material is almost foolproof. If you can frost a cupcake, you can make your own asphalt roadway.

The material is almost instantly ready for use straight out of the jar, just stir it up and go to it. The material itself is easily applied, and remains “workable” for long enough to smooth ridges, etc. on a roadway section of the size that I used. The appearance in my opinion is very appropriate for use in 1/35th scale, as I did. According to AMMO, the material can be sanded smoother for use in smaller scales.

I applaud AMMO for continuing to release such useful new products for scale modelers!


Highly Recommended

Thanks to AMMO by Mig for the review sample

Reviewed by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland

AMPS 2nd Vice President, Midwest Region


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