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Osprey- Combat: British Cavalryman Versus German Cavalryman: Belgium and France 1914

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Tuesday, September 13, 2022
Osprey Publishing
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Steve Santucci

Osprey- Combat: British Cavalryman Versus German Cavalryman: Belgium and France 1914

By: Alan Steele

This Osprey offering focuses on the two combatants of WWI, Britain and Germany and the series of cavalry battles in the opening months of World War One. Just to be clear this is not the last war or military action that saw the use of horses in combat.

The book provides insight and analysis into the combat between the two cavalries and incorporates battle accounts.

What’s inside? The first chapter after the Introduction focuses on the opposing sides origins and recruitment, weapons and tactics used, the training and mobilization of the respected forces and morale. The book focuses on three battles. The first is Casteau, August 22, 1914. This chapter provides the Background to the battle, Battlefield environment, and a map with a key that provides time progression of the battle. The next section of the chapter tackles the combat. Throughout the chapter photos and artwork of the period provide visual snapshots of the participants.

The second chapter focuses on the Battle of Cerizy-Moy, August 28, 1914. Again the chapter is laid out as above with the addition of break out panels that focus on key individuals from each side, such as Hubertus von Gestler and Frank Wormald. Each breakout discusses a brief biography and their relation to the battle. Their primary writings of the battle are incorporated into the Combat discussion. A centerfold two page, or as stated on back cover split screen artwork, of a surprise attack during the battle adds dramatization of events.

The third chapter Is on the Battle of Le Montcel, September 7, 1914. As in the previous in addition there is a color photo of the British Cavalry SMLE Mk III bolt action rifle. A split screen artwork of lance against lance attack! The photos in this chapter also include soldiers of both sides on their mounts with lances and one photo with mobile field wagons in tow.

The last chapter provides Analysis of each battle and the final chapter discusses the Aftermath. One last section provides a look into the Organizations of the respected sides. The Bibliography contains a list of war diaries, personal diaries, published sources and military journals. A great resource for those who wish to dig deeper into the historical record.

Use for a modeler: Excellent for the photographs and the information within the pages to inspire your next WWI project or to inspire a modeler to dive into the WWI genera!

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to  Osprey Publishing for this review sample.

Reviewed by Steve Santucci


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