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Kagero- Zitadelle: The SS-Panzer-Korps On The Attack

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Monday, September 19, 2022
Kagero Publishing
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matthew schaefer

Zitadelle: The SS-Panzer-Korps On The Attack 

     The book is a photo history of actions of the II. SS-Panzer-Korps during the battle of Kursk up to the great tank battle at Prokhorovka. The SS-Panzer-Korps formed the armored spearhead of the southern portion of the attack on the Kursk bulge. This German formation consisted of the SS Panzer Divisions Das Reich, Totenkopf, and Leibstandarte, and the 167th Infantry Division. The formation was the most successful of the German Army during the battle, forcing the deepest penetration of the Russian layered defense culminating in what is called the greatest armored battle in history at Prokhorovka. The pictorial content of the book is supplied by four photographers attached to the Panzer Korps for the battle. The text that accompanies the photos is largely focused on the day to day operations of the Das Reich Division but mentions of the other formations are included. Additionally, there are multiple maps presented in the text to illustrate unit movements and battles. The text is relatively straight forward and is likely from unit histories as very little information is provided other than unit objectives, enemy encounters, and results of days progress are discussed. 


The photos are a mix of some I recognize and some that are new to me. There are multiple photos that appear to be a series of shots with one I recognize and additional images which show further action. The photos are a nice mix of individuals and equipment and give good period reference photos and diorama ideas. As I mentioned, the text is rather dry and superficial, likely pulled from a daily unit history diary. Overall, I would say this is a decent reference for the period covered but not a must have book. Especially if someone has other references for the Kursk offensive or SS-Panzer-Korps in general. 

Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders as source for diorama inspiration and period photographic reference.

Thanks goes out to Kagero Publishing for this review sample.

Reviewed by matthew schaefer


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