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Osprey- Tanks in Operation Bagration-1944

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Thursday, May 25, 2023
Osprey Publishing
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$20.00 USD
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Tanks in Operation Bagration 1944

"The demolition of Army Group Center"

One of Osprey Publishing's newest books is a beautifully well written and illustrated title that covers the Eastern front in the final year of WWII.  It comes to us from one of AMPS Society's own, Mr. Steven Zaloga.  Mr. Zaloga has written scores of books over the years and is an accomplished and renowned writer on all things military history.  In particular, he knows a tremendous amount of knowledge when it comes to WWII and this is yet one more fine example of his literary work.

Covering the final act of Army Group Center's operations on the Eastern front during the final year of WWII, this book delves into the lead up to the tide of the battle turning against the German Wehrmacht.  As covered in the Introduction of this book on page 4,  Mr. Zaloga writes..."The tank battles on the Russian Front in the summer of 1944 pitted a growing Soviet tank force against an increasingly beleaguered Panzer force.  This book surveys the principal tank types on both sides, as well as tank surrogates such as the tank destroyer/Panzerjager, and the assault gun/Sturmgeschutz.".  In simpler terms, David versus Goliath at this point in the war and Mr. Zaloga covers this topic in depth in this latest book from his desk.

The book is broken down into the following areas:

Introduction - Page 4

Doctrine and Organization - Page 4 covering....

  • Wehrmacht
  • Axis allies
  • Other Axis allies
  • The Red Army
  • Red Army allies

Technical Factors - Page 19

  • Wehrmacht
  • Red Army

The Campaign - Page 28

  • Operation Bagration
  • The Lvov-Sandomierz Offensive
  • The lasi-Chisinau Offensive

Battle Analysis - Page 43

Further Reading - Page 47

Index - Page 48

Samples pages follow






I really liked this book.  From a historical perspective, it covered a lot of details in the make up of how many vehicles and men were comprised in that operation and how the loss of the ability to replace those losses determined how the Soviets were able to wear down the forces of Nazi Germany and her allies.  I had never really thought about the sheer numbers involved in that ongoing battle.  There are additional color photo palates of the Soviet T-34-85 and the SU-85, the German Panther, StuG III and Marder I.  

The book is easy to read and it does present some interesting information concerning the operation.  Personally, I read the book over a few nights while laying in bed and it was a good read to be honest.  It kept my attention and I found it to be really interesting.

AND BONUS situation right here....With the AMPS National that will take place in South Bend, Indiana in 2024, the theme is "1944".  If you ever needed subject matter to align with the theme, this is a great book written concerning that campaign that took place in of all time periods.....1944!!!  I would think this book will have some great material that will lend itself handy in working up a 1944 theme entry.

Based on the price, the content and how well it's laid out, and because it's Mr. Zaloga, I would consider having to purchase this book to add to the library.

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.  Great Historical reference material!!!

Thanks goes out to Osprey Publishing for this book review.

Reviewed by GLEN MARTIN


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