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Takom M50A1 Ontos w/Interior # 1019

Catalog Number: #1019 Manufacturer: TAKOM
Published: Thursday, May 25, 2023 Retail Price: $79.99
Scale: 1:16 Reviewed By: Phillip Cavender

Takom M50A1 Ontos w / Interior


Takom's M50A1 Ontos with interior # 1019 is their nineteenth release of 1/16th scale models beginning with # 1001, the French Light Tank Renault FT char canon/Girod turret, introduced in 2013. A major manufacturer of injection molded polystyrene model kits, Takom is located in Dongguan, a central city in the Guangdong Province, China, historically making kits in 1/72nd to 1/16th scale and is well-known in the modeling community. Their website is located at:

The M50 Ontos, originally developed in the 1950s, was developed for the Army and Marine Corps as a light armored tracked anti-tank vehicle.  After testing different prototypes, the Army terminated their interest, and an initial contract was then awarded by the Marine Corps to Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company to produce 250 vehicles in 1955.  The Ontos would be powered by a GMC 302 cubic inch six-cylinder engine. It carried six 106mm M40A1C recoilless rifles with four M8C .50 Cal. spotting rifles.  In 1963, the emergence of the updated M50 to the M50A1 variant was contracted again to Allis-Chalmers to build and convert 294 Ontos to a more modern interior with a more powerful engine.  The M50A would have a Chrysler 361 cubic inch V8 with a new transmission.  The gunner's periscope was updated, and an elevation quadrant added.  The six 106mm M40A1C recoilless rifles with the four M8A .50 Cal spotting rifles were retained. With a crew of three the Ontos saw action during the Lebanon Crisis of 1958, the American intervention in the Dominican Republic of 1964, and in Vietnam. The last Ontos stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba was relieved of service in 1990.

An excellent reference I used for this build is one authored by our friend David Doyle of David is known by all in the modeling community and is a generous supporter of the Armour Modeling and Preservation Society.

Doyle, David. M50/M50A1 Ontos: Self-Propelled Multiple 106 mm Recoilless Rifle. Schiffer Military, 2023.

The Box:

The kit is supplied in a top loaded surprisingly large box measuring 18" (457mm) long x 11.5" (292mm) wide x 6.25" (152mm) tall weighing an impressive 3.37 pounds (1.53kg) with colorful box art showing the Ontos with a driver and gunner/loader in the hatches. The figures description states it was sculpted by "Jason". The contents include 15 grey sprues, 1 upper hull, 1 clear sprue, 1 sprue of eight polycaps, 1 package containing 4 lengths of rubber tracks, 1 photoetch fret, 1 decal sheet and 1 instructional booklet in landscape orientation. 

Sprue A x 2 contain roadwheels, sprockets, supporting arms for the roadwheels, front headlight assemblies with blackout marker lights, M40 ammunition, and other small suspension items. The ammunition rounds are molded in 2 halves, rather than a one-piece slide molded round. 

A close-up view shows the detail Takom was able to achieve. See image below.

Sprue B x 3 contain recoilless rifle barrels breech locks, operating levers, breech ends what are slide molded, travel locks, and .30 Cal ammunition boxes.  Here again the molding is excellent with beautiful detail.  The recoilless rifles also do not have rifling molded in as seen in references. Again, I would have liked to have seen the gun barrels slide molded or available in metal.  But as modelers making two-piece barrels should not be a problem.

Sprue C x 2 contain the parts for the spotting rifles, fuel cap covers and other small parts. Again, the detail is excellent with no flash present. 

Sprue D x 1 contains a well detailed radio set, weapons control panel, and other interior parts. I have included an up-close view of the radio set and the weapons control panel showing the level of detail.

Sprue E x 1 contains suspension side channels, rear 106mm ammunition stowage racks, left and right outer fenders, turret, and ring.

Sprue F x 1 contains the rest of the interior including the hull sides, rear plate, muffler, and hull side plate. Detail is excellent especially with the interior sides of the hull.


Sprue G x 1 contains the one-piece bottom hull plate, fender seal plates, and a shield for the muffler (Part C 2). The transmission oil, and fuel tank engine oil all have access plugs and drain valves molded in.

Sprue J x 1 contains the engine compartment air intake door, left and right rear doors, and 2 track rod skids.


Sprue K x 1 contains parts such as the tools, front brush guards, and other small parts. As with all the sprues, the level of detail is exceptional. 

Sprue L x 1 contains even more parts including jerry can , shovel, tool rack and other small items.

Hull Top is a one-piece molding. Detail is good especially the front glacis rivet heads and the rivet heads around the driver's hatch cover. 

Sprue Q contains the figure sculpted by "Jason". The head, arms, legs, torso, and the helmet are molded in two pieces. Details are excellent. An up-close image shows the level of the face detail.



Photo-etch, Clear Parts, and Poly caps:  The photo-etch fret contains the perforations for the cartridge cases, cartridge rims, muffler shrouds, and rear antenna racks. The clear parts are on a small sprue containing the headlight lens, driver, and gunner's vision blocks. Included are 8 poly caps for the wheels.

Decals x 1 sheet contain markings for 5 vehicles.

  • A Company, 3rd Anti-Tank Battalion, Hue City South Vietnam, February 1968
  • B Company, 3rd Anti-Tank Battalion, Operation Deckhouse VI, South Vietnam, February 1967
  • C Company, 3rd Anti-Tank Battalion, Chu Lai, South Vietnam, January 1966
  • A Company, 1st Anti-Tank Battalion, South Vietnam, 1968
  • Dontos, "Road Runner", The U.S. Army Armor & Cavalry Collection, Fort Benning, GA 2022
    • In remembrance of the late Don Moriarity, an avid military researcher, restorer, and volunteer at the Patton Museum and NACM whose passion for the Ontos earned him the nickname "Dontos".


The instructions Booklet consists of 43 steps on 33 pages printed in landscape format. A parts layout page, one page of paint callouts for the interior, and markings and painting guide for 5 vehicles. Paint callouts are for A. Mig paints.