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Takom Kamaz Typhoon-K w/ RP-377VM1 & Arbalet - DM RCWS Module 2 in 1

Catalog Number: 2082 Manufacturer: TAKOM
Published: Friday, September 1, 2023 Retail Price: MSRP $57.99
Scale: 1:35 Reviewed By: Mike Sacklyn

Takom Kamaz Typhoon-K w/ RP-377VM1 & Arbalet - DM RCWS Module 2 in 1


The Kamaz Typhoon-K - K is a Russian-manufactured MRAP that can accommodate 16 troops and is protected with integrated ceramic armor, bulletproof glass, and full NBC protection along with night vision capabilities. It has a maximum road speed of 65mph/105kph and a range of 745 miles. This vehicle is intended for a multitude of missions and represents the next-gen 6x6 class of armored vehicles.

For starters, the box is BIG for a 1/35 scale kit and has some excellent artwork of the vehicle. Let's see what's inside!! 



The topside of the MRAP is one piece and all rear compartment hatches can be posed open or closed. The same goes for the doors on the driver's cab and rear ramp door.



The inside of the cab reveals a few punch-out marks and the Takom logo (which gets covered up by bulkheads). You get a detailed driver's cab and troop compartment, but the engine compartment is sealed.



Sprue A contains seats, and drivetrain/suspension pieces. There are two A sprues in this kit and the size of these sprues is why you get the big box from Takom. Also take note of all those exterior roof tie-down points in the lower right-hand corner. They have very fine attachment points so take care when you remove and install them on the kit.



Sprue C contains the doors and interior bits - lots of them in this kit. The large piece with center cutouts is the armored bottom of the troop compartment which will come in handy during the suspension phase of the build.



Sprue D has the interior bulkheads, rear ramp door, stowage lockers, and lower part of the hull. Overall all of these parts are highly detailed, super crisp, and free of flash.



Sprue E contains all of the clear parts. They will need to be tinted to represent the bulletproof glass utilized in this particular vehicle.



Sprues F G H contain the exterior RP-337VM1 Radio Fuse Jammer and Arbalet-DM RCWS Module. The Typhoon-K vehicle can also be equipped with the 12.7mm Kord machine gun. These sprues allow you to build either protection system as a 2 in 1 style kit and are mini-builds within themselves.



Also included in the kit are the larger format instructions (very nice) containing 38 steps as well as 6 vinyl tires and a small photoetch fret.



A closeup of the tires reveals the Michelin X logos and sidewall details. Even a little Michelin man!



There is only one color plate and no decals. It would have been nice to get a few dashboard ones for the cab and troop compartment monitors. My only head scratch so far as my initial once-over is very positive. This is a highly detailed kit of this unique vehicle by Takom and I would recommend it for intermediate and advanced builders based on the number of smaller parts alone. 



Highly Recommended for intermediate to advanced builders.

Thanks go out to TAKOM for this review kit.

Reviewed by Mike Sacklyn


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