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AMMO by Mig - Fine Bush (Vibrant Green Spring, Dark Green, Late Summer)

Catalog Number: A.MIG-8372, 8373, 8374 Manufacturer: Ammo
Published: Sunday, November 19, 2023 Retail Price: $13.82 USD each
Scale: N/A Reviewed By: Chuck Aleshire


Fine Bush, Vibrant Green Spring, Dark Green, Late Summer

From it’s start with simply paints and finishing products, AMMO by Mig has gradually moved into an ever wider range of products for scale modelers, now marketing tools of all sorts, and scenic products as well. 

The three items reviewed here are produced by a firm named Model Scene from the Czech Republic, packaged under license for AMMO.

First we will look at the Vibrant Green Spring Fine Bush product. To provide some sense of scale to the photos, I’ll be using an ancient 1/35 scale StuG III, and old 1/35 scale figures as well. Above you see the mass of foliage material pulled straight from the box. It’s roughly the same size as the StuG, around 3”x 5”. Each of the three sample packages contain approximately the same amount.

The Fine Bush material can easily be pulled apart or cut with scissors to produce whatever size clump of foliage that you desire. It appears to me that depending on your use, this material could easily be used in most if not all commonly modeled scales.

Next we’ll be looking at the the Dark Green Fine Bush material. Above, we see a 1/35 scale machine gun team providing a sense of scale to the product. 

Above - a closer look at the Dark Green Fine Bush material, it looks quite good to me, even close up. Even the bits that have detached themselves from the mass of material look very much like small bits of foliage or leaves. The texture of this Fine Bush material is very convincing to the eye.

Above - this Fine Bush material looks very convincing as foliage camouflage on the StuG. By combining some foliage material of a slightly different color, this material will easily provide an even more varied, realistic appearance.

Above - Whatever the manufacturer used as the basis for this material, the small stems or branches in the material looks very much like branches or even small tree trunk sections, giving the modeler options of how to use this material in various scales. This material will make good looking bushes or even small trees, depending on the scale you’re working in. 

Above - and finally we’ll look at the Late Summer Fine Bush material. 

Above - the Late Summer material has a great “the weather is changing” mottled appearance, with a nice mix of greenish and tan tones in it, giving a really realistic look to the material. 

As with the other two packages of this Fine Bush material, the Late Summer material has realistic branch type structure in it, that will enable the modeler to easily replicate bushes or even small trees as desired. 


I’ll cut right to the chase, this is some of the nicest looking foliage material that I have ever seen, and I have a large bin of it from a wide variety of manufacturers.

All three shades are uniformly quite realistic in color throughout the amount provided. Speaking of the amount provided, each package provides a generous amount of the material, a tightly packed mass measuring roughly 3”x 5”. Depending on your needs, this material will provide plenty of quite realistic bushes / low foliage in larger scales, and many small trees in smaller scales. 

The colors and textures of all three of the samples provided were simply excellent. While not exactly inexpensive at $13+ per package, I believe the amount of high quality material in the package provides good value. 

As I stated earlier, this is some of the best foliage material that I personally have seen. I will be sourcing more of it!

Very Highly Recommended!

Thanks to AMMO by Mig for the review samples

Reviewed by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland,

AMPS 2nd Vice President, Midwest Region


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