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AMMO by Mig- Photoetched Holder

Catalog Number: N/A Manufacturer: Ammo by Mig Jimenez S.L.
Published: Thursday, November 16, 2023 Retail Price: $9.07 USD
Scale: N/A Reviewed By: Ashley Abernathy

AMMO by Mig

Photoetched Holder

First Impressions

I needed this!   This will make a nice addition to your tool line up.  Although it’s made for holding things, it was specifically created to hold PE parts when soldering, and or gluing small parts, I think it could have other uses as well.    Mostly, for me, a nice additional set of “fingers” to hold PR, decals, parts, and even things for painting where you constantly have to provide a locking/clamping pressure for an extended period of time.  This is something you had trouble doing.


The Tool

The tool is about ~5in (~12cm) long and has a little bit of weight to it that is nice.  It comes in a single vinyl like material pocket with the detailed label on the back side.  The tool itself is two pieces.  The handle and a screwed in clamping like pincher which is wide and deep that allows for level clamping across a part.  This really helps hold something in place. 

I do think the handle could use a little extra grip. In the picture below I comment on the area I would place it.  I found the tool having the propensity to start spinning in my fingers as this spot between the hex points was a comfortable spot.  I simply moved my fingers forward and it was fine.  Oh, the hex section does indeed help keep the tool from rolling off the work bench.  This part is especially good.


Unlike a set of cross locking tweezers, this tool is round which I found much easier to hold and maneuver a part when working with it. Tweezers are flat and force you to hold the tool at specific angles to work.   


In action

In this example I'm holding a scrap of PE and soldering to another scrap.  This particular piece is flat/long and would be a bother to hold as its awkward and will instantly heat up as I apply the solder iron heat.  This tool makes it easy to hold steady and not worry about the heat.  I tried it two ways in the examples below.  Holding the part in the Holder in the top picture makes it much easier.


With care, small parts can also be held.  The options are many!



A great tool to add to the modeling tool box.  I think its solid, has a nice and large clamping grip surface, easy to maneuver and turn in your fingers.  I like the extra weight as well to know I am holding something so I can better sense the control.

As I noted above, the only thing I’d add is that knurling to the handle.  Even without it, its good to have and reasonably priced.

Highly Recommended for all modelers.

Thanks goes out to Ammo by Mig Jimenez for this new tool to review.

Reviewed by Ashley Abernathy, AMPS Central Virginia


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