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AMMO- Ultra Matt Glue for Photo-Etch and Clear Parts

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Friday, November 24, 2023
Ammo by Mig Jimenez S.L.
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Ashley Abernathy

 AMMO by Mig

Ultra Matt Glue for Photo-Etch and Clear Parts

First Impressions

I was working on a club build and needed to glue on a canopy when this product came up for the team to review and I raised my hand quickly.   Perfect timing.  The glue comes in a 40ML container in a look and feel we are familiar with using.  Before I opened it, I gave it a good shake.  It didn’t slosh but moved, so to speak.

Opening the bottle, It’s a nice white smooth and consistent thin like paste.  Using a tooth pick to swirl it around and seeing how it drips, I would consider it a perfect consistency for model applications such as clear parts, PE, and lots of other applications for model making.  Not runny, sticky or blob like.  I know, I’m not a chemist so this is the best description I can come up with.  I think this is the balance of consistency we expect from a white like glue.  

The Glue

We have all used white glues before in our work in some capacity.  I think we are all wanting a consistent and capable glue that serves multiple types of purposes.  I tested this for the two main purposes it states it is intended for: gluing PE and clear parts.  This first is for a windscreen on a jet that is part of a group build for our model club.  Please don’t judge the work quality here.  It’s a quick build in the method that you did when you were like twelve years old.

Anyway, I used a tooth pick to dip into the glue and paint on the bottom edge of the front windscreen.  It held its position and did not run while I completed the task.  I did apply it slightly thick on purpose to account for shrinkage – which I naturally might expect.  I had plenty of working time to fit the windscreen that was larger than the rails for it while I found the best spot.  I had plenty of time to work with the piece so there should be no worries with working time.  In retrospect, using a brush dampened with water to smooth out any pushed out of blob of glue would be a smart idea that I failed to consider at the time.

I was not in a rush so I simply let it dry overnight, which is probably a good idea anyway.  The next day I could not tell if there was ever glue present.  Seriously, the glue helped to fill some of the minor seams and leveled out/conformed nicely to the contact areas.  Yeah, if you zoom in with a camera you can see something but this glue really did well.  I have used several “white” glues by different manufactures and brands and I have to say, this was really the best.  Not saying others were bad, but this worked really well for me.  It was indeed flat when it had dried out.

The top picture is the windscreen with the bead of glue just applied.  The bottom picture is a zoom in picture the next day.  I did test the windscreen by gently pulling up and pushing from side to side with a greater than normal pressure and it was locked tight.  I also used the glue on the HUD glass and it too did not move. Of course, you can always knock it off if you really try.  For this test, I was very pleased at its holding and flat finish properties on the clear plastic.

The next test was on two pieces of scrap PE.  I used another great tool provided by AMMO for a review I just completed to hold a larger piece of PE.  On the smaller piece I slathered on some glue way beyond what we’d use to hold the PE because I wanted to see the completed look and test any shrinkage it might have.  Knowing how well it did with the clear part this also did well for PE.  Of course, it’s not going to hold as strong as soldering or perhaps CA glue.  However, using this for sections of PE that are not under stress it’s really good option, plus it does not smell and it cleans up with water.

I can’t think of another glue, besides like a varnish/clear coat you can use to hold PE parts together and have almost no clean up in some way.  But again, for multiple purposes, you can’t beat this glue. After drying I did see some shrinkage in my blob of glue.  Keep in mind you will never apply this much anyway to glue two PE parts together.  So really shrinkage, to me, is a moot point.  Using my testing method I applied to the windscreen, the PE parts held their position.  After some sheering pressure they did slip apart.  I had tried pulling upwards and the joint proved more resistant to my efforts.  Either way the bond held well.


I am looking forward to using this glue for other applications especially like gluing down stowage, diorama/vignette things as well as gluing models to a base.  It’s not a CA glue and not intended to be in strength or drying speed.  It’s a more versatile glue for many things.  This is what makes it a good choice.  I highly recommend you pick up a bottle and give it a try.  I think you will be very pleased with the results. 


Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to AMMO by Mig Jimenez for the glue to review.

Reviewed by Ashley Abernathy, AMPS Central Virginia


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