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The German Infantryman on the Eastern Front

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Thursday, February 1, 2024
Casemate Publishing
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Paul Roberts

Casemate Illustrated

The German Infantryman on the Eastern Front

Simon Forty & Richard Charleton Taylor

ISBN 978-1-63624-361-0

US$28.95 128 pp

This is the first of this Casemate series that I have seen, and it is an interesting concept; in essence this is a concise primer on the entirety of the German infantry experience on the Eastern Front. In this one volume the well-known authors attempt to provide an encyclopedia approach; this book being a series of small articles on various topics relating to the overall subject matter.

The book is profusely illustrated and broken up into five main sections with a number of small articles on topics relating to the section gathered together. The information in each small article is concise and provides an adequate overview of a very broad range of topics, from support, to supply, from manpower to tactics, from transport to veterinary care. The articles are illustrated with period photos, small maps, tactical illustrations, and organisation charts, generally quite well reproduced. The larger sections are the primary method of subject matter organisation with the smaller articles within each section not subsequently organised in any recognisable manner. This doesn’t affect the readability and there are few enough articles in each section that finding information during later research will not be difficult.

Overall, I found this to be an interesting way to present broad contextual information on such a huge subject. The book doesn’t deal with the history of the war in the East but rather, as the title defines, the German infantry in that conflict. Who they were, how they fought, how they were supported, etc. I’ve never seen this approach to such a topic used before, and I found it very effective.


Very Highly Recommended. Many thanks to Casemate Publishing for the review copy.

Reviewed by Paul Roberts


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