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AMMO by Mig- ATOM Paint Sets

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ATOM 20703 & 20704
Saturday, February 3, 2024
Ammo by Mig Jimenez S.L.
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Michael Reeves

AMMO by Mig- ATOM Paint Sets

20703- Rust & Tracks Set AND 20704- German Tank Colors WWII

AMMO has reimagined its acrylic paints with this new ATOM line. These boxes come in sets of 12 redesigned 20mL no-drip paint bottles. Gone are the narrow dropper sized screw-top bottles and in their place are wider snap top lids with more control over squeezing the paint out with little to no loss of paint. Each set contains two cardstock trays of 6 bottles each. The water-based formulas act very lacquer like in their coverage-- with no need for multiple spray coats or even primer according to their instructional videos. They are self-leveling and quick drying and apply equally well either by hand brushing or airbrushing. The flip-top cap can easily be opened and closed with one hand while you are holding your airbrush in the other.

The paints are durable- allowing for use of any acrylic or enamel washes to be applied over them- as well as decal solutions. The paints are non-toxic and odorless and clean up easily with alcohol or water. The two sets I am reviewing here seem to be pretty true to their colors and the folks at AMMO have accounted for scale effects as well. The rust and tracks set come with the following colors:

  • ATOM-20047     DARK RUST
  • ATOM-20051     EARTH
  • ATOM-20052     EARTH BROWN
  • ATOM-20053     RED BRICK
  • ATOM-20054     OLD RUST
  • ATOM-20055     UMBER BROWN
  • ATOM-20056     BURNT BROWN
  • ATOM-20057     BROWN
  • ATOM-20064     CHIPPING
  • ATOM-20063     BLACK BROWN
  • ATOM-20060     COFFEE BROWN
  • ATOM-20058     LEATHER

Meanwhile, the German Tank Colors set allows for painting Panzers from nearly any stage or front in the war- offering the following:

  • ATOM-20002     Cremeweiss RAL 9001
  • ATOM-20005     DUNKELGELB DG III RAL 7028
  • ATOM-20010     DUNKELGELB DG I RAL 7028
  • ATOM-20012     DUNKELGELB RAL 7028
  • ATOM-20046     ROTBRAUN RAL 8012
  • ATOM-20062     SCHOKOBRAUN RAL 8017
  • ATOM-20067     OLIVGRÜN DARK RAL6003
  • ATOM-20080     FIELD GREY
  • ATOM-20081     RESEDAGRÜN RAL6011
  • ATOM-20144     ZIMMERIT
  • ATOM-20160     DUNKELGRAU RAL7021
  • ATOM-20177     WASHABLE  WHITE

Now let's see how they do in various applications. First off, I used the colors from the German Tank Colors set to paint the details for the bed of my ICM Gulaschkanone kit-- painting these sacks, crates, and assorted field kitchen pieces. These were hand brushed and went on smooth as silk with no coverage issues at all. 

Next up I used the dunkelgrau to spray this Dragon Sturm that I have had on the shelf for some time:

And finally, I am building up an inn for my school gaming group so I thought I'd use the Earth Brown for the terracotta roof tiles and the Coffee Brown for the beams on these plastic pieces. The roof tiles were airbrushed and the beams were hand brushed:


Overall I call these sets a win for AMMO. I am always open to trying new paint sets to achieve different looks in the various hobby media I use- between plastic military models and miniatures for gaming. The folks at AMMO didn't disappoint and are quickly releasing sets for everyone. Other than the two I have reviewed, AMMO also has the following sets available at present:

  • Basic Wargames Colors I and II sets
  • Russian Tank Colors
  • Metallic Colors
  • Luftwaffe WWII
  • Modern USAF/Navy Colors

Hopefully we will see more Allied armor colors released soon in the line, but the sets available now will help you with your Russian and German armor and vehicle builds.

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to AMMO by Mig Jimenez for these review samples.

Reviewed by Michael Reeves


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