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Military Modelcraft International -February 2024

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ISSN 2631-7222
Saturday, February 10, 2024
Guideline Publications, UK
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$15.00 USD
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The 100 Page February Issue - 2024


What's all about MMI?   Well....Military Modelcraft International is the world's leading English-language military modelling magazine. Each month it is packed with step-by-step build articles, exclusive reference material, and the latest news and reviews from across the hobby. In each issue they bring you the very best armor modelling from across the world, with informative and accessible text and high-quality photography helping you to improve your modelling skills and get the most from your hobby. Military Modelcraft International boasts over 60,000 followers on Facebook and its international print and digital community is ever expanding, making Military Modelcraft International the world's number one name in military modelling. At $15 USD, it's a good buy as far as I'm concerned.  You get a lot in the issue every month. 

MMI is also number one for news and reviews, bringing you in-depth box reviews and 'on-the-bench' builds of newly released kits and listings of the latest products from manufacturers big and small. Illustrated throughout with the crystal clear photography and accessible step-by-step features, MMI is the indispensable monthly magazine for all military modelers.

David Grummitt, the managing editor, has put out the February issue of MMI and it's yet again, another great issue.  This month's issue covers several of my personal favorites in the M1 Abrams, the M41 Walker Bulldog, a great Tiger Diorama, and a great article on the new Takom Hetzer kit that worked up into a nice diorama.  It covers a wide range of kits and has some outstanding real life reference articles as well.  It's truly a broad range of subjects.  As usual, the photos and articles are outstanding.  Again, the magazine covers a lot of the new releases in the armor area and is worth having to look at that for your next projects.  It is full of advertisements that the viewer will certainly enjoy seeing the aftermarket parts that are being announced and brought forward for modeling enjoyment!

The contents in the February issue are:


As you can see, the table of contents are listed on Page 5 and gives you an idea of the topics covered in this great issue.  I'm not kidding with all of the content is exceptional in this month's issue.  For me, the issue is chocked full of great stuff to look at, to read and to make notes on how these presenters cover how their techniques were employed in coming up with the results that they got.

Additional photos from this issue follow.....

One of the areas that is expanding with lightning fast results is the plethora of 3D resin printed kits and aftermarket accessories such as track sets, detail parts and full blown kits of a particular vehicle.  In just a few years, the printing process has become quite good to the point that the parts can easily cleaned up for usage.  This issue takes on some of the 3D kit news and I can only surmise that this area of our hobby is going to become bigger and more open with regards to detailing.  


This issue that has been released is a timely one for myself.  I am getting ready to apply a paint job on the T34 US Heavy Tank build and I wanted to portray a highly faded and dirty tank in sickening olive drab yellowish tones.  That article in how that guy paints his M41 Walker Bulldog really impresses me and will be using that for guide.

In the meantime, I hope that everyone appreciates what David Grummitt is doing with this magazine as it has become a stellar magazine to have.

If you think about it, make the purchase while they last and enjoy it. As always, here is a link to the Guideline Publications website and US customers can subscribe to MMI and pay in US dollars at .

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Guideline Publications for this review sample.

Reviewed by GLEN MARTIN


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